Radha Mohan 17th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan talking to himself as he wonders where Radha is and plans what he will say when he meets her as he takes out the holy book of Bhagwat Geeta and Radha.

On the other side, makes God's idol rest and recalls the ear pods she found and says that today she felt that Mohan is very close to him while she gets reminded of how Mohan refused to support her when she needed him the most.

She comes back to reality and says to herself that Mugan was her last because he did not deserve to be her present and adds that her present is far better than her past.

She thanks God for giving her so loving family and husband.

On the flip side, Mohan sits alone as he recalls all the good moments he spent with Radha in the past while Radha too thinks about her past with Mohan.

He talks to himself as he says that he wishes Radha had regained everything as she had given him a part of her energy.

He further thinks that she left the Bhagwat Geeta for him just like he did when she was six.

This book taught him to live in Radha's absence exactly how it helped her when her mother expired.

she left him alone with a family full of these many people and he is sure that she must be praying to God in a temple which is her favorite work.

He hopes for Radha's safety and well-being wherever she is.

Concurrently, Radha sleeps as someone peeks at her and approaches her while it turns out that it is Yug.

He creepily stares at her while he sits near her as she sleeps and recalls about today's party and he brushes his hand on her hair.

He serves himself to water and drinks. The next day, Meera wakes up and sees no one awake in the house while Mohan tells her that it's Sunday today and he is done with the household chores while Meera says that Sunday comes and goes every week and asks Mohan what is the reason behind his sudden mood change.

He says that he slept peacefully yesterday and doubts that he was even smiling as Meera says that he must be thinking about her.

On the flip side, Gungun cleans the table and finds Radha's picture in Mohan's books, and recalls her conversation with Mohan when Radha left them.

She tears the picture and throws it away as Shalgam comes there and asks her whose photo was she tearing and asks her who she is.

Gungun says that she should not talk about Radha while Shalgam insists on telling her about Radha but Gungun refuses.

Gungun tells her that Radha is a bad woman and asks her not to mention Radha in front of Mohan.

Subsequently, Ajeet wonders why everyone hates Radha as she was only trying to save them from Damini.

In the meantime, Yug paints and feels someone is behind him and finds his mom who has brought him coffee.

Yug tells her that Radika is sleeping and they praise her for handling everything so well.

Manan wakes up Radha and shows her the picture of her and Yug in the newspaper which worries her.

Meanwhile, Mohan sees Radha's picture in the newspaper and gets shocked. 

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