Radha Mohan 17th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th May 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 17th May 2023 episode starts with Radha standing on the rack while two funnels blow incredibly cold air her way.

Radha stands in the extreme cold, muttering to herself that she cannot let herself down and must find another way out of the freezer.

However, she discovers a foiling paper and chooses to use it to close the funnel mouth.

She picks the foiling rapper while her legs begin to shake from the repeated temperature lowering.

Radha struggles to close the funnel, and the steel tool on which she stands appears to be losing its balance.

She succeeds to close one funnel, which makes her satisfied and she thanks Banke Bihari Ji for her assistance.

Meanwhile, Gungun grabs Mohan's hand and encourages him to go check on Radha since she has an overwhelming impression that she is in danger.

Mohan looks at Gungun, rejects her request, and informs her that she, too, has begun her drama, just like Radha.

Gungun, with tears streaming down her cheeks, begs Mohan to look for Radha along with Ketki and Ajeet.

Kaveri looks horrified at Mohan, while Mohan explains Radha is a nasty lady who only enjoys seeing Mohan in misery and thus he has decided not to go looking for Radha.

Meanwhile, Radha gets down from the rack and pushes it to close the second funnel, which is blowing cold wind constantly.

She climbs the steel and clutches the funnel, but the screw opens and the rack becomes unbalanced, causing Radha to fall from the height.

She yells in pain as she falls to the floor, making a loud noise on her spine.

She opens her eyes to discover the rack ready to fall on her, and as it does, she grabs it in one hand while screaming in agony.

Radha mutters that she cannot die because she must stay with Mohan but the steel rack is too difficult for her to manage with one hand.

Mohan, on the other hand, remains adamant and refuses to assist in the search for Radha, while Kekti reminds him that the last time he was this adamant, he lost Tulsi.

Kekti demands that she and Ajit will go find Radha but Mohan reminds her that anyone who ventures outside the home to find Radha is not allowed to come back to the Trivedi Nivas.

Kekti remains steadfast and informs Mohan that she will stay with her in-laws, and Mohan begins taunting Kekti to return to Ajit's family, where she has lost her respect.

When Kekti hears this, she notes that Mohan has this childhood pattern of hurting others the most when he is angry.

She exclaims that Mohan loves Radha and Kaveri seeing all these stances verifies that Mohan solely loves Damini.

Kekti becomes enraged and asks Kaveri not to intervene in her family's affairs, while Mohan asks Kekti to do the same.

She remains insistent and demands Ajit to go locate Radha but Mohan warns her that anyone who attempts to maintain relations with Radha is going to be cut off from all links with him.

However, Kadambari and Damini enter, and Kadambari tells Mohan to calm down because Radha is in danger.

Mohan becomes emotional and warns Kadambari that Radha is using all of these nasty ways to force Mohan to come to the office.

However, Kadambari continues to urge him and warns him that Radha is in serious danger.

Meanwhile, blood begins to flow from Radha's head, and she takes her last breath as the candle burns out near Lord Krishna's statue.

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