Radha Mohan 17th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha saying to Mohan that she has found her happiness thus Mohan also should find his happiness and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Mohan breaks in tears saying Radha is lying as she can't love anyone else.

He adds, Radha used to rant his name then how she can wear vermilion and nuptial chain of someone else's name.

After that, Gungun comes to him and hugs him while he keeps saying Radha is lying after which Gungun asks him to pull himself together.

There, Radha also cries remembering Mohan's words and says how she should tell Mohan that no matter how much she hates him but she still loves him.

She adds, that she has remembered and loved him so much so she can't love Yug now while him and Manan's blood group are same also isn't the coincidence.

Further, she says that the blood will transfer to Manan will be hims.

On the other hand, Yug thinks how he had to drink salt water to make his blood pressure high and show how worried he is for Manan.

A flashback shown, where Yug comes back to the hospital and thinks that Manan got saved now he has to know how worried he is for worried and has to do something to show the same to Radha.

After that, he drinks salt water and then goes to Radha asking for Manan while Radha gets tensed seeing him in a restless condition and calls the doctor.

The doctor tells that Yug's blood pressure is high and they have to admit him and takes him from there while Radha thinks that Yug loves Manan a lot so she can't separate them.

Back to reality, Yug thinks that now no one will doubt on him that he is behind Manan's condition and soon Manan should be out from between him and Radha.

Further, the doctor comes and Yug asks him that if Manan will die as he is injured while the doctor feels strange by his way of asking but thinks he is tensed thus assures him.

Meanwhile, after the doctor's departure Yug thinks why can't Manan die even after his lots of hardwork.

He says that he'll try again later while Mohan says that his and Radha's life is connected it can't happen that she can move on when he isn't.

After that, Meera hugs him to console while Gungun goes to Radha who is crying and says that she knows she is crying for hurting Mohan.

However, Radha tries to deny the fact but Gungun says she can't lie.

Further, she says that Radha should reunite with Mohan forgetting the past as they both yearn for each other also she wants her RaMa, after which Radha gets emotional but then separates herself remembering Manan.

Meanwhile, Gungun says she doesn't care whose son Manan is but she'll reunite Radha and Mohan.

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