Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 episode starts with Kadambari slapping Radha for creating drama when Mohan is so ill and tells her to leave. 

However, Radha tells her that she will not leave Mohan alone whereas Kaveri holds Radha’s braid and throws her out of the hospital. 

In the flashback. 

Radha recounts everything that happened to her and Mohan after her photo is published with Mohan in the newspaper. 

Damini and Kaveri are perplexed by Radha’s to-the-point assessment of everything they have done. 

However, Radha tells her that she is not blaming her for causing all the mishaps that have happened but these many events cannot be coincidences. 

Swearing on Banke Bihari, she tells Damini that she will not leave here until she gets to the bottom of the truth. 

Just then Kadambari comes there and slaps Radha. 

In the present.

Radha is shocked to hear that Kadambari believes Damini’s allegations about her. 

Meanwhile, Kadambari tells her that thanks to Damini she now knows who is responsible for Mohan’s miseries. 

She tells Ajeet to make arrangements for Radha’s travel. 

Kaveri calls her so inauspicious that her one look at Mohan can put his life in danger.

Seeing Radha beg into staying, Kadambari tells her that she cannot take a chance with Mohan’s life after what Maha Pandit has told her. 

Radha tells her that she cannot go without ensuring that Mohan is alright. 

Damini points to Radha that Mohan’s wife is here to take care of him and she does not need to worry about him. 

Using the angle of inauspiciousness, Damini tells her that it is possible that Mohan is not waking up because she is here. 

Maha Pandit agrees with Damini and tells Kadambari that getting Damini married to Mohan is the only way to save Mohan. 

Radha is shocked to hear this news while Kadambari asks Damini if she is ready to marry Mohan or not. 

Damini plays the loving fiance and tells Kadambari that she is ready to do anything for Mohan. 

Meanwhile, Dulari tells Ketki that Gungun has eaten nothing since she arrived home. 

Tulsi looks at her daughter with sympathy and tells emotively that Gungun’s father is fighting life and death then how could she eat even a morsel of food?

On the other hand, Radha questions Maha Pandit about performing the marriage when Mohan is unconscious. 

Maha Pandit gets confused, while Mohan’s father also agrees with Radha. 

Kadambari intervenes and tells him that if this is the only hope of saving Mohan, she is ready to take it. 

Before Radha could argue, Damini tells her to go as everyone else is ready for her marriage with Mohan. 

Radha tells Damini that this marriage cannot happen until Maha Pandit answers her. 

Damini boils with anger and tells her that she is no one to stop her marriage. 

Seeing Radha lecture Maha Pandit, Kaveri drags Radha and throws her out of the hospital for interfering in her daughter's marriage while Kadambari stops Trivedi Ji from helping Radha. 

Meanwhile, Mohan begins to twitch hearing Radha's cry of pain.

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