Radha Mohan 18th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha seeing her photo in the newspaper and getting worried if this news will bring her long-lost relationships while Mohan too reads the newspaper but as he is about to see the news of Radha, Gungun puts her test paper in front of him.

Shalgam comes there and Shalgam shows him her test paper as he makes her fun to score such low marks.

Meanwhile, Radha gets worried to see Manan score very low marks as Yug comes there and she tells them that she too was weak in English but later she got an English teacher who improved her English by recalling of Mohan.

On the other hand, Mohan gets Hiccups while Meera wonders who is missing him and offers him water.

Concurrently, Yug tells Radha that Khattar is coming with people to show the house as Radha gets up hurriedly.

Meanwhile, Mohan and the family drive to the house with Khattar as Ketki tells Ajeet that Radha left the house and she broke the house while he tells her that it happened for the good while she blames Radha for Mohan's lifelessness.

She further says that she wishes for Radha not to come into their life again.

Subsequently, Radha sees Mohan's earpods and remembers where she found it.

Elsewhere, Radha asks Garv if those ear pods are his while Yug's dadi and mother plan what to wear at the next party as Meera suggests Mohan buy new earpods as he says that people should learn to save money.

Meanwhile, Poonam asks Radha to throw the earphones away as they don't need them while Radha says that someone might need them and come searching for them but it's not the case when it comes to humans.

She asks Radha if she is fine as Radha leaves while she tells Yug that Radhika might have become his wife but she has not forgotten her past yet.

Yug says that she has no past that can't be forgotten while Poonam says that she feels there is sadness in Radha's eyes.

Just then, Dadi comes and asks her not to take tension while she says that she is worried that someone might take Radhika away from him as he thinks to himself that if someone tries to steal Radha from him then the consequences won't be good.

Elsewhere, Radha decorates the temple of the house with flowers and peacock feathers and feels that whoever will come will bring his own god and it's good that she has already made space for their god.

Suddenly, she realizes that she has forgotten to offer water to the sun as the family arrives.

She offers the water as Mohan browses the home while Khattar talks to Meera telling her the features of the house.

Mohan sees the house but is unable to see Radha offering water. Mohan accidentally goes under the water Radha was offering to the god as he looks up but is blinded by sunlight.

Subsequently, Manan pulls her aside and tells her what she did Radha does to say sorry to her.

Meanwhile, Gungun gets furious as Radha is genuinely sorry while she rushes to say sorry to him.

Radha goes downstairs and sees Mohan from the back.

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