Radha Mohan 18th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Gungun telling Radha that today Manan is safe because Radha and Mohan were together and they are hit when they are together.

She asks Radha to come back as they are family and hugs her crying while Radha also gets emotional remembering their past moments together.

After that, she remembers Yug confessing his love to her and she separates Gungun while Gungun says that she knows Radha still loves them and misses them.

She adds, she even loves Mohan then repeats it as a question for Radha that if she loves Mohan while Mohan is seen running in the hospital stating Radha still loves him and he knows it.

He adds, that he'll make Radha confess that while Meera, Ajeet, and Ketki runs after him to stop him but in vain.

There, Radha is about to confess that she loves Mohan just then she sees Mohan standing behind through the car's mirror thus she lies that she doesn't love Mr. Trivedi.

Meanwhile, Gungun says that she can't believe it Radha is lying after which Radha says that she has moved on in her life 7 years back by marrying Yug.

She adds, she has a kid with with Yug and she is very happy in her life thus she can't leave them nor she wants to leave her family.

However, Gungun asks her that then what about Mohan while Radha saying that who's Mohan, she doesn't know any Mohan.

After that, she says that she has left Mohan 7 years back and now he is only Mr. Trivedi for her for whom she has no feelings while Gungun cries saying it's not truth she still loves Mohan.

Meanwhile, Radha says that she loves Gungun but they can't stay together anymore but she'll cherish their memories always as it reminds her that she has a lovely daughter.

Further, she says that Gungun has to accept the truth after which she goes passing Mohan while Gungun stands teary.

There, Mohan thinks that he knows Radha is lying as he can read her eyes and the truth is what Radha isn't saying while Yug thinks that he has to reach Radha before Manan as otherwise Manan will get all Radha's attention.

After that, he requests a nurse to let him go to eat something but the nurse scolds him thus he secretly drinks the drip to make it empty soon which shocks the nurse as she finds the bottle empty.

Just then, Radha comes there while Mohan talks with an unconscious Manan that he is his son and that's why he used to feel connection with him.

On the other hand, Poonam prays to god to save Manan from Yug and Radha shouldn't know what Yug has done with Manan just then Gungun comes from behind and questions her.

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