Radha Mohan 19th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 19th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 19th April 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 19th April 2023 episode starts with Damini telling Radha to make tea for everyone while Damini's employee secretly whispers to her that the peon is on leave and won't pick up Radha's call.

Radha obliges and goes to the kitchen while Mohan is in his room, worried sick.

Recalling Damini's words about him admiring Radha more and going back on his promise to marry Damini, Mohan gets into a dilemma as he is only Radha's husband for 6 months.

Meanwhile, Radha gets anxious as the peon Dada doesn't pick up her call but she determinedly states that she will anyhow reach the root of Tulsi's death even if she has to get herbs from the tallest mountains.

In his room, Mohan questions himself why his eyes are stuck on the wall when Radha is in his office as he says that he cannot reject Damini now since she has waited for him for a long time.

However, Tulsi states that Mohan has fallen in love with Radha who sits with his legs crossed and anxiousness running through his body.

Damini's words about somebody rejecting Gungun again as he does to her echo in his mind and he becomes miserable.

At the office, Radha smells the cups to know what kind of tea everyone drinks and gathers the cups in a tray.

Meanwhile, Mohan gets a call from Gungun's school and asks him to come, leaving Mohan to think that Gungun has done something naughty.

He gets into the car and calls Radha, telling him how anxious he is to go alone since Miss Suzy's name sounds so strict.

Radha chuckles and tells him that he should be fine to go alone and she cannot come since Damini would banish her out of the office then.

Since Tulsi is sitting just beside Mohan in the car, she chuckles and says everything would be fine with him when Mohan recalls his school days as he was very mischievous.

Later, Radha enters the office with everyone's tea and amazes them with their preferences being correct.

Damini gets angry as everyone deems Radha to be very smart when Radha adds that she made Nikhil's tea of ginger since she saw him running to the bathroom often today as his stomach would have been upset.

Saying that she has to pass the next text, Damini instructs Radha to read out the minutes of the meeting which are written in English.

Employees like Nikhil and Shikha who are Damini's puppets hide their laughs as Radha struggles to speak, and they call her illiterate.

Just then, Kadambari enters the cabin and upon seeing what is happening, she tells Radha she need not speak in English.

Radha goes out while Kadambari tells Damini it is not fair.

However, when Radha returns with a few books and keeps them on the table, both Kadambari & Damini get confused as Radha says all these are published by them only.

She then questions everyone in Hindi and none of them are able to speak.

Kadambari gets impressed by Radha who tells everyone present that not knowing English is not a person's weakness and doesn't make them illiterate.

Everyone feels ashamed as Damini witnesses Radha triumph again with her heavy, loaded answers.

Like a confident young woman, Radha informs Damini that she doesn't need to learn English to work in this office.

On top of it, she reminds Damini to learn Hindi as she runs a Hindi books publication house and Kadambari enjoys the sight of Radha preaching to Damini.

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