Radha Mohan 19th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 19th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Poonam praying to the god that Radha shouldn't know what Yug has done to Manan, otherwise it won't be good.

Just then, Gungun comes there and asks Poonam that what Yug has done to Manan which makes Poonam anxious thus she covers it up saying Yug loves Manan so much that's why he fulfills his all wishes so due to his carelessness the incident happened with Manan.

However, Gungun is unable to believe her and tries to question again but Poonam leaves from there making an excuse.

On the other hand, Radha comes to Yug's ward where she finds Yug and a nurse are arguing while Radha calms Yug down.

After that, Radha asks why Yug is angry and irked while Yug says that he wants to meet Manan but she isn't letting him go after which, Radha consoles him saying there are many people to take care of Manan so he should first take care of his own health.

There, Mohan talks with Manan that Radha is upset with him but they both will pacify her together and then expresses how Manan and Radha are important to him so he can't live without them.

Further, as Mohan leaves Manan starts murmuring Radha while the nurse notices it after which, Yug says that his life is incomplete without Radha just then the nurse comes and tells Radha that Manan has gained consciousness.

After that, Radha goes from there leaving Yug which makes him frustrated while Radha comes to Manan and talks with him just then Yug comes there and fakes his care for Manan.

Meanwhile, Mohan and his family see it from outside after which Radha sees it and hugs Yug.

She says that Yug cares a lot for their family and no evil eye should fall on their family while Ketki gets irked seeing it and tries to go to confront Radha but Mohan stops her.

Mohan says that Radha is doing an act but soon they'll be together after which he goes aside and thinks and thinks to whom he should talk just then he sees Dadi in the hospital searching for Manan's ward.

After that, Mohan takes her aside forcefully to talk with her while the police come to take Manan's statement which makes Yug tensed after which the inspector asks Manan who locked him in the classroom.

Meanwhile, Yug says that it can be a prank just then Gungun comes there and tells them that it wasn't the prank after which Manan is asked that whether someone else was there and Manan thinks of disguised Yug.

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