Radha Mohan 1st April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha receiving Yug's phone and seeing a contact saved by the name of Mr.Trivedi as he comes there she asks him if he has seen her.

He tells her that Mohan was the one who brought her to the hospital and he receives his phone.

Yug talks to him thanking him for his help and invites him to dinner.

Just then, Radhika comes there and Yug gives the phone to her to talk to him but Gungun takes the phone from Mohan’s hands.

On the other hand, Poonamm gives money to the watchman for trimming the CCTV footage and asks him to make sure that no one knows what Yug did to him and who hit Radhika.

She sees the footage and goes away.

Concurrently, Mohan says that he was talking to Radha as Gungun complained to him for not celebrating Holi with him as he explains himself saying saving Radha’s life was important.

Meanwhile, Yug tries to connect to him again but Gungun thinks that she can’t let Mohan talk to Radha so she receives the call herself.

She introduces herself as Alia Bhatt and says that Mohan is busy now and every day and disconnects the call.

Yug asks her what happened and she tells him that the call was disconnected he asks her if she talked rudely to her and gets concerned.

Radhika tells him everything is okay and he doesn’t need to worry.

Yug leaves it and says that they will meet them later.

Subsequently, Mohan asks Gungun what the deal is with her but she counter questions him asking what has happened to him because he did not celebrate Holi with her but instead, he was busy helping them.

Right then, Meera comes there and asks Gungun to go to her room while Radha thinks that Gungun did not let her talk to Mohan because she hasn’t told him that she was the one to hit her.

She talks to herself saying that she needs to realize her mistake or else it will become her habit, and adds that she knows that Gungun is not bad at heart but needs someone to teach her things.

Elsewhere, Gungun finds it tough to sleep and thinks that is why she came back into her life as she has already made them suffer a lot.

She thinks that leaving them was her decision and not allowing her to return is hers.

In the meantime, Meera explains to Mohan that Gungun is just a little possessive about him and since he was busy all day long with Yug and his problems thus she is irritated.

Mohan tries to explain to her his part but Meera says that she gets his valid point.

She tells him that she knows he is here to find Radhs but he refuses and she asks him to marry her and hugs him.

He asks her not to do this but she says that she was just joking and wishes him good night.

At the same time, Radha keeps moving while sleeping which makes Yug think that she must be feeling hot and starts fanning her because AC isn’t working.

Then, he brings a fan and sits with ice in front of it.

He looks at her and says that he wishes to stare at her throughout his life.

Meanwhile, Radha sees her past in her dreams and says in her sleep that her past can't bother her now.

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