Radha Mohan 1st March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 1st March 2023 episode starts with Kadambari telling Radha she will not be fooled again by her claims while Radha tells her that there is a safe within the safe.

Meanwhile, Damini panics and tells Kaveri that everything is over and no one can save her now.

However, Kaveri tells Damini that nothing is over and they can still stop Radha from reaching the safe. 

Meanwhile, Kadambari refuses to listen to Radha even if Banke Bihari himself comes down in her support. 

Just then, Dulari comes to Kadambari's room telling Radha that the decoration articles have arrived. 

Kadambari tells her to go and fulfill her duties as the daughter-in-law of the house or she will go down to tell the guests that there is no respect for Veneration in this house. 

Meanwhile, Kaveri thanks God for Kadambari’s distrust of Radha while Damini tells her that Radha will not sit quietly as she understands their games now. 

Damini tells her that before Radha reaches Tulsi’s secret, they will have to send Radha to Tulsi. 

Meanwhile, Radha collides with Mohan and drenches him with a glass full of milk. 

Mohan is about to scold Radha but stops seeing Gungun standing nearby. 

After Gungun leaves, Mohan walks towards Radha in anger but slips on the milk on the floor and would have fallen if Radha hadn’t held his hand. 

Moments of the past begins to play in their mind and both of them stands staring into their eyes. 

In the meantime, Radha sees Damini and Kaveri walking somewhere and leaves Mohan’s hand in their pursuit. 

However, Mohan is still imbalanced and he falls on the floor with a thud. 

In the meantime, Kadambari comes to the kitchen to prepare Kheer for Radha and tells Dulari that no matter how bad a daughter-in-law is Radha, she will fulfill her mother-in-law’s duty.

Dulari hugs her, saying that she knows that she loves her a lot, and requests her to give Radha another chance. 

Meanwhile, Damini tells Kaveri that now the world will know how angry her mother-in-law killed her daughter-in-law. 

She shows Kaveri the poison that she will add to the kheer and tells her that Kadambari herself has said she wants Radha dead instead of Tulsi. 

Meanwhile, Radha is sitting inside the cabinet to steal keys from Kadambari and apologizes to her in advance. 

As Radha succeeds in stealing the keys, Damini and Kaveri add poison to the milk. 

Later, Damini drops the bottle on the counter on Kadambari’s sudden movement and then retrieves the bottle but drops the cap.

Radha looks at the cap but cannot understand where it came from.

After a while, Ketki comes to the kitchen asking Kadamabri what she is doing, and makes a video vlog of her making kheer. 

In the meantime, Radha uses the distraction to pick up the cap from the floor and crawls out of the kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Kaveri and Damini are coming inside at a fast pace and stop seeing Radha. 

On being asked, Kaveri tells her that they were strolling on the lawn to get some fresh air and walks inside looking rudely at Radha. 

Radha is sure that Damini and Kaveri somehow have some connection with the cap and decides to find out more about it. 

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