Radha Mohan 1st May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug hitting Manan from a stick from back and locks him in a classroom.

Meanwhile, Manan screams for help but Yug sits nearby the classroom and enjoys his condition.

He says that Manan has created problems in his life thus he'll kill him.

After that, Manan screams Radha for help while Radha thinks that why she keeps crossing paths with Mohan again and again.

She adds, she leaves Vrindavan and shifts to Delhi to stay away from Mohan but he comes here too and becomes her neighbor after which he was about to see her face today coming to the studio.

Further, she says it would be good if she leaves from there for some time and she wishes Mohan will leave the house until she'll be back.

Just then, she breaks Manan's photo mistakenly which makes her worried for Manan and she thinks why she is getting restless by just a breaking of a photo frame.

After that, Poonam comes there to talk with Radha and says that she'll miss her and Manan when they'll go to Barsana.

She adds, Manan keeps their home alive and asks where is he, after which Radha tells her that Manan is in school and Yug has gone to pick him up.

This makes Poonam remember Yug's words for killing Manan and she worries while Radha tells her that she breaks Manan's photo accidentally and feels like it's a bad omen.

Meanwhile, Poonam asks her to call Yug to know their whereabouts and Radha agrees.

There, Yug enjoys at the school thinking about Manan will die while Manan calls for help just then Yug receives Radhika's call and says that he can't take her call now as he is removing Manan from between them.

On the other hand, Radha gets worried that Yug isn't picking up the call while Poonam thinks that she wishes that Yug won't harm Manan.

After that, Yug is sitting on the stairs just then he listens Manan's screams and remembers his moments with him thus he unlocks the door but soon locks it again thinking how Manan brought Radha and Mohan close.

He thinks he suffers in a same way when Radha doesn't give him an attention but no one cares about him thus Manan has to die now and states he was a sweet child.

There, Mohan comes to pick Sargam and the principal scolds him for coming late as it's the last day of the day and no one at the school.

Further, Sargam says to Mohan that Mohan should scold Ketki and Ajeet for their carelessness just then Manan screams for help and Mohan feels it and asks about him.

However, Sargam says he has gone with Yug already while Yug also leaves the school but meets with Mohan, when Mohan asks about Manan Yug says he is in the car.

Later, they see a man is kicking Yug's car due to parking issue and Mohan goes to help him and it turns out to be his friend.

After that, Yug nervously says he is removing his car just then Mohan notices Manan isn't in the car.

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