Radha Mohan 1st November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st November 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 1st November 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 1st November 2023 episode starts with Radha looking at Gungun while she is being operated on.

Meanwhile, Damini is stressed out because Radha and Mohan won the contest despite her attempts to sabotage it.

Back at the hospital, Kaveri starts dancing when she overhears a nurse saying that Gungun might not be able to survive.

She tells Mohit and Bhushan about the news but they are not happy because even if Gungun dies, the police will trace them to the accident because there are several evidences against them.

Kaveri reveals that Damini is behind Gungun’s accident which makes Mohit and Bhushan stressed out.

Mohit says that he will tell everyone that he has no part in it to save himself from this mess leading Kaveri to angrily reply that if she goes down then she will take everyone with her.

She decides to find a way out of the locked room because they have to erase all the evidence.

Meanwhile, Radha prays to god that her blood group matches with that of Gungun.

Tulsi says that her prayers will be fulfilled and God will help them.

Ajeet goes to Ketki and hugs her because she is crying a lot when a mysterious man peeks at them from a door and clicks pictures of the family secretly.

After taking the pictures, another man comes and looks at those pictures along with the mysterious man and introduces everyone to the mysterious man by giving derogatory character sketches.

The man speaks about Radha and Mohan and how they have always saved Trivedi's house from every obstacle and now after winning the mega publishing event, they have become the main targets for the execution of their plan.

The mysterious man says that if Gungun dies then their plan will also die along with her and they can't afford that.

Elsewhere, the reports finally came and Radha was right because the doctor says that miracles do happen as the blood group has matched.

Everyone sighs in relief while Radha says that they can take every ounce of her blood but save her daughter from the clutches of death.

Mohan says that now Gungun and Radha are related by blood.

Meanwhile, Kaveri, Bhushan, and Mohit finally escape from the hospital and reach Damini where they tell her everything.

Damini is shocked at the revelation and starts panicking as she feels that Radha and Mohan will kill her.

Kaveri suggests that now they have to erase all the evidence when Damini agrees and finds kerosene oil.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the doctor informs Radha and everyone that even after giving Gungun Radha's blood, her condition is not improving.

Radha looks defeated and says that the doctor is right and now everything is out of his hands because there are times when even the best medicines stop working.

However, a mother’s heart can never stop having faith by falling weak and that’s why now she will save her daughter.

She goes into the operation theatre alone and doesn't let anyone join her.

After entering, she looks at Gungun with sad eyes and reminisces about their memories.

She sits next to her holds her face and says that she is mad at Gungun for not waking up even after Radha did everything she asked her to.

She shakes Gungun and keeps asking her to wake up when she says if she doesn’t wake up then, she will also die along with her.

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