Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 episode starts with Tulsi noticing Radha battling for her life and considering how she can put a stop to it because Radha is defying nature's law.

Tulsi, however, mutters that only God can defy nature's laws and decides to pay him a visit.

Tulsi advises Radha to use the photo frame as a shield and avoid looking at the light and remember Gungun and Mohan, for whom she must fight for her life.

Tulsi vanishes as Radha moans in anguish but as she looks at the photo frame, all of her memories of Mohan flash before her eyes.

Tulsi, meantime, stands in front of Baki Bihari aka Lord Krishna's statue and begins whining about his unjust regulations.

As tears stream down her cheeks, she rants about how he took Tulsi away from Gungun when she needed a mother's care the most and then Radha came into her life and uplifted Mohan and Gungun.

She begs God to have sympathy for Radha and allow her to stay with Gungun and Mohan, while Radha struggles to keep herself from dashing toward the lights.

Radha clutches the photo frame and pleads with Lord Krishna to impose Mersey on her and allow her to remain with Mohan and Gungun because Mohan will break down if he finds Radha dead.

She laments the fact that Mohan will blame himself for the rest of his life for not looking for Radha and begs him to spare her life.

Radha sobs and begs Baki Bihari not to take her away from the loving family she has solely because of his blessings.

Tulsi, on the other hand, demands that Lord Krishna save Radha and do the necessary justice because Radha does not deserve to be tortured in this manner.

She raises her finger and declares that if God never does injustice to decent people, then he has to prove it now by saving Radha.

Tulsi continues to nag and reminds Radha that she just mutters Lord Krishna's name prayer day and night and that if something happens to her today, she will lose all confidence and belief in him and view him as having no value on this earth.

Meanwhile, Mohan is at the dinner table, and as Dulari gives him his meal, he wonders where everyone is.

However, Dulari informs Mohan that everyone has declined to have supper which irritates Mohan, but he remains stubborn and mutters that he will eat dinner by himself.

As Mohan is about to take a mouthful of his meal the weather begins to deteriorate and the door begins to slam violently.

Mohan begins going towards the temple as the temple bells and lights begin to sway heavily in the wind.

Gungun, on the other hand, clutches Mohan's hands and pauses and touches Tulsi's photo frame claiming that she has no idea where Radha is and that she believes Radha is in danger.

Meanwhile, Goddess Radha's sculpture begins to shake from the powerful wind and is about to fall and Mohan rushes to catch it before it collapses.

Mohan, who holds onto Radha's sculpture, declares that he now believes Radha is actually in danger and that he must go to save her.

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