Radha Mohan 20th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with the inspector asks Manan that if anyone else he has seen in the school while Manan remembers a disguised Yug and is about to tell about it.

Just then, Yug intervenes and stops the inspector saying that Manan has gained his consciousness recently thus they shouldn't give him stress.

He adds, that they can continue their investigation later and take statement but what if Manan got stressed and something happens to him then how will they handle it.

Meanwhile, the inspector agrees to him and is about to go but Gungun stops him and says that they shouldn't go without taking Manan's statement as if they'll take Manan's statement quickly then the chances of catching the culprit will be high.

She adds, that Manan can forget the details later while Radha agrees to Gungun and asks Yug to let the police take the statement.

After that, Yug had to agree for Radha's sake while Radha and Gungun motivate Manan to give the statement.

On the other hand, Mohan takes Dadi on the wheelchair while Dadi asks Mohan to leave her as she won't tell him where is Radha after which Mohan refuses to leave Dadi until she won't give answers of his questions.

There, Manan is about to speak but Yug interrupts and asks the inspector to not take statement under the pretext of Manan might be stressed and take Gungun to give the statement as she knows everything about their house.

However, Radha gets disappointed with Yug to do rude behaviour with Gungun while Yug apologizes to Gungun then Manan starts telling the incidents of the day of his missing.

He adds, how once the hoody man was about to kill him but Champi bites on his leg after which Yug sends the police away as the statement is completed.

Meanwhile, Gungun thinks about Yug's limping after which Yug asks her to leave too.

There, Dadi says that she won't tell him about Radha while Mohan says if she can't tell then he'll tell that Radha has made a fake family and Manan is his son.

After that, Dadi asks if Radha has told him the truth but then thinks Radha can't do this while the doctor checks up Manan and tells Radha that they can take Manan back home.

On the other hand, Gungun wonders if Yug is behind the accident happened with Manan while Yug overhears this and decides to kill Gungun before she investigate.

Just then, Radha comes to thanks Gungun to giving courage to Manan while Gungun says it's her duty as an elder sister and asks her to take care of Manan.

However, Yug is failed to listen them while Mohan asks if Manan is his son but Dadi lies that Manan is Yug and Radhika's son after which Mohan goes to confront Radha not believing Dadi's lie.

There, Manan is scared of hoody man while Radha asks him to remember good memories and he remembers his moments with Mohan shocking Radha.

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