Radha Mohan 21st December 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st December 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st December 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 21st December 2023 episode starts with Kadambari saying to Radha that she has blood on her neck, and is scared.

A confused Radha checks it and is shocked to find blood there.

Only then do they listen to Mohan's chuckles from the washroom and the family members look confused.

Mohan says from inside that, it's not blood but nail polish, while Radha smells it and understands that it's true.

He comes to the room and says last night, he was applying nail polish to Radha, and meanwhile, she slept.

When Radha asks if he applied the nail polish to her and is shocked Mohan asks who else will do this, rather than him, and puts his hand on the nearby pillar.

The family members see the nail polish on his hands and feet fingers, getting shocked.

Damini looks shocked, while Kaveri says it's wrong there, to which Kadambari asks Mohan why he has applied nail polish and Mohan checks the nail polish on his fingers and looks shocked.

The room lights started to flicker and Radha got up from the bed sensing something bad.

While Tulsi's soul possessed Mohan again and he started to show off his nail polish.

He says it looks good in the red colour, then says in Bengali that red is her favourite colour.

Then he goes near Damini and asks how's her nail paint, while Damini praises him, getting scared.

Mohan continues to go near her, to which she asks what he wants, and Mohan strangles Damini and says in Bengali that she wants to drink her blood.

This makes everyone scared and Mohan continues to strangle Damini, meanwhile, Radha hears Gungun calling her while coming to the room.

Radha gets worried thinking Gungun shouldn't see Mohan in such a state, otherwise, she will be scared.

She forcefully separates Mohan and Damini and then, slaps Mohan which makes him come back to reality.

Mohan sees his nail polish and asks why Radha did such a prank on him, when Gungun comes there.

Gungun laughs seeing Mohan with nail paint, and then she goes to school bidding goodbye to Radha and Mohan.

Further, Mohan asks Radha to not do such a prank on him again, while Radha says it's him only, who applied the nail paint, which makes Mohan confused and then he gets faint.

Radha tries to make him conscious again while the family members look worried.

She tells them about how Tulsi's soul is possessing Mohan and wonders why she is doing that.

Ketki rebukes and says there is nothing like ghosts in the world and that maybe it's happening because of hijacked flight trauma and they should concern this matter to the doctor.

Later, Kadambari gets worried for Mohan while Ketki and Rahul console her,

Ketki says the doctor has given the medicines and Mohan will be fine.

On the other side, Damini doubts Tulsi's soul possessing Mohan, to which Kaveri makes her realize it's true and warns her, that now as much closer she'll go to Mohan, she'll be closer to her death.

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