Radha Mohan 21st January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st January 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st January 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 21st January 2024 episode starts with Tulsi snatching the knife from Damini’s hand and killing her by stabbing it in her back.

After that, Damini dies and falls from the bridge, and Radha hugs Tulsi while she assures Radha that Damini will never come back again.

Then, Tulsi tells her that she has to leave this world as she has promised to Banke Bihari but Radha asks her to meet Mohan and Gungun for the last time but Tulsi denies it and says that she cannot give the pain of separation to them again.

Radha gets emotional and asks her to not go but Tulsi does not listen to her and before leaving this world, she tells Radha that Damini didn’t kill her.

She tells Radha that still Mohan and Gungun are unsafe after that she disappears whereas Mohan comes there along with Gungun.

Mohan tells her that he saw Damini falling from the bridge and confirms that Tulsi killed her so Radha nods her head and gives the confirmation.

Radha hugs him and they come back home and Kadambari gets happy to see Gungun back.

She hugs Gungun and asks if she is fine or not so Gungun tells her that Radha saved her and after that, Gungun meets other family members.

Meanwhile, Kaveri comes and asks where is Damini but Radha and Mohan do not reply to her so she decides to go police station for Damini.

Radha stops her and narrates everything that Damini did and Kaveri is shocked to hear all the things.

Trivedi’s makes a shocked face when Radha says that Damini was trying to kill Gungun and after that, Radha tells her that Damini’s leg slipped, and she fell from the bridge.

Mohan says that he has informed police about this but Kaveri is not able to process that Damini is no more in this world.

She starts yelling and crying in the grief of Damini and everyone feels bad for her while Kaveri curses god for doing so unfair to her daughter.

Kaveri asks how will she live now after losing her only child while Radha tries to console her.

She pushes Radha away and asks her to stop the drama and blames Radha and Mohan for everything and also slaps Mohan.

Mohan stands like a statue but she keeps on cursing him and says that Damini loved him by her soul and heart but he never saw her love.

Ketki and Rahul try to control her anger when Kaveri slaps Mohan while Kadambari smirks.

She says that Damini did a lot for this family and at last, she lost her life in Mohan’s love after which Kaveri falls on the floor while crying.

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