Radha Mohan 21st July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st July 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 21st July 2023 episode starts with Damini coming to Mohan and dragging him with her by holding onto her hand with everyone murmuring things.

Radha comes after Damini and Mohan but Damini asks Radha to stay outside the cabin only and shuts the door in her face.

The office workers get curious about what is going on and say that they know that Damini is the person who was going to marry Mohan and they even got engaged.

Another person says that Mohan is enjoying being with two women at the same time when they even fail to have one in their life making everyone laugh.

Radha asks everyone to shut their mouth and tells them that they cannot make such disgusting comments about someone without knowing anything about them.

Asking everyone to pay attention to their work instead, Radha says that she will fire anyone whom she catches talking anything about her husband.

Radha explains to them that she hid the fact that she is married to Mohan because she wanted to build her rapport with them naturally and not because of her relationship.

Damini hears Radha saying those things from inside the cabin and tells Mohan to watch what is going on and how Radha is trying to demean her character in the office too.

As Damini says that everyone in the office thought that she is the GD and partner in ownership as she was Mohan's fiancé, Mohan assures that Damini is still the GD but not his fiancé anymore.

Damini screams that Mohan cannot do such a thing to her while throwing things to the floor as she has waited enough to be together with him.

Mohan gets silent as Damini reminds Mohan how he married Tulsi first and then married Radha while she has been waiting to be together with him.

Damini tells Mohan that her life starts and ends with him and asks him what she is supposed to do with everything going out of her hands.

As Damini comes out, she bumps into Radha who warns her not to try anything as the result will not be good at all.

Damini raises her hand to slap Radha but Mohan stops her and says that they should cause any more scenes at the office.

Meanwhile, Kadambari decides that she needs to talk to Mohan about Damini's words earlier and comes to the office, bumping into Damini as she walks out.

Kadambari enters the cabin to find Mohan and Radha there after which Radha asks Mohan and Kadambari to spend some time together while she goes home.

Radha leaves after saying that she trusts Mohan while Mohan tells Kadambari that he is tired with Radha wanting an answer from him and Damini getting upset.

Kadambari tries to tell Mohan about Damini but gets interfered with every time as Mohan tells her that he gave Radha his wife's rights in front of everyone and knows what he needs to do.

Mohan says that he must free himself from the promise he made to Damini and confess his love to Radha.

Kadambari asks him to do the good deed the next day as it will be his and Radha's anniversary.

Kadambari decides to tell Mohan about Damini later after he relaxes with his present problems being solved.

Meanwhile, Radha waits for Mohan to come back and Gungun asks her to open Tulsi's letters as she wants to know what is written in them.

Everyone gathers to see the letters while Tulsi gets shocked as she has never written any letter for Gungun.

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