Radha Mohan 21st June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug saying to the sales girl that he knows to convince people after which the sales girl asks that what she has to do and Yug tells her a plan.

After that, the sales girl sees at Mohan and Kadambari and thinks that they are alone also Kadambari looks sick that means she can execute her plan after which she tries to sell her ladies products to Mohan.

However, Mohan says he doesn't have a wife thus he can't buy them after which the sales girl tries to stop Mohan holding his hand and asks him to buy the products.

Meanwhile, Mohan feels uncomfortable and asks her to not misbehave with him after which he asks her to leave his hand then the sales girl twists the narrative saying it's Mohan who has held her hand.

She alleges Mohan for misbehaving with her and gather the society members while Mohan tries to defend himself but in vain.

After that, the society members start to bad-mouth about Mohan saying he is a characterless man thus he is also after Yug's wife.

Just then, Radha comes there and slaps the sales girl after which she sides Mohan saying he can be anything but can't be character as he can't molest a woman and this she knows well about him.

Further, she threats the sales girl that she'll call the police on her after which the sales girl get tensed and says that she has done this on someone's order.

Then, she points at Yug that he had asked her to do this while Yug tries to defend himself after which the sales girl asks him to not lie as he has made her trapped in the situation.

After that, Yug suggests to check the CCTV footage and shows them that it's Meera who has given the money to the sales girl that means she had asked her to put that act.

However, Meera clarifies that she wanted the sales girl to deliver the products for her friend thus made the advance payment also Radha sides her saying she is Mohan's best friend why would she do that.

Further, Yug says that they did it to made him villian as in such a situation anybody can believe the allegation that he did this after which Radha scolds Mohan and Meera.

She questions Mohan's parenting and declares Mohan will get his second notice after the incident while Meera tries to talk with Mohan that she hasn't done anything.

Meanwhile, Mohan says that he doesn't want to talk as he is hurt by Radha's words but Meera asks him to clarify that if he thinks she can do that.

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