Radha Mohan 21st March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Meera saying that she feels like she is a mother of two and now she knows how to manage them while Gungun asks her to call her anything but mother.

This leaves Mohan and Meera in shock when she says that her relationship with her mother is a lie.

They say they won't leave their kid but they do.

She recalls her past with Radha and Tulsi and tells Meera that she loved Radha but she left and asks Meera to be anyone but a mother and starts to cry.

She goes into her room as Mohan tells Meera that she used to be a very jolly kid but her trust has been broken a lot of times and now she doesn't believe in any relationships.

Concurrently, Meera says that Gungun's wounds can be healed with time and Radha is his past which won't return.

She asks her to forget Radha and that will heal Gungun. In the meantime, Radha sits on her bed while Manan sleeps and Yug comes there too as Radha tells him that he fell from the cycle today and a stranger girl helped her, and Yug leaves.

Radha gets up from the bed and recalls Gungun's childhood and talks to herself saying that Gungun would have been so happy if she had been with Manan.

She further adds that she has lost Gungun because of Mohan as he did not do good with her.

She then regrets that she didn't even talk to her before leaving as she cries and says sorry to her for not being able to fulfill the promises.

Just then, Yug comes and asks Radha if she is crying and asks her what she is crying about, to which she says that there is nothing but he insists on her to tell him as he says that he will end the reason for her tears.

She shouts at Yug and tells him not to talk about ending those memories ever again as those are the reason she is what she is.

He asks her what she is talking about while Radha tries to brush off the question but finally says that she gets emotional thinking about the happiness he has given her.

He takes a breath of relief and says that she has started to overthink while Radha comforts him. He asks her to promise him that she won't hide anything from him as he trusts her a lot.

She assures him that everything related to her is related to him while she says that he is the best life partner one could ever wish for and sometimes she wonders how she got him as her life partner.

Subsequently, someone mends the mark on the wall and the next day starts with Radha hosting her radio show while Yug sees her from outside and she gives him a flying kiss.

She talks to her first caller and solves her problem while she feels Mohan's presence around her as Mohan parks his car outside the working place of Radha.

She rushes to the window and sees him while she is still unsure about it.

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