Radha Mohan 21st May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha asking Manan to remember his happy moments which gives them happiness while Manan remembers his moments with Mohan and murmurs what Mohan has said to him after which Radha gets happy to listen him and asks who has taught him that.

Meanwhile, Manan says Mohan has taught him that which shocks Radha just then Gungun comes there and states the way Radha made a place in her life the same way Mohan is making place in Manan's life.

She adds, Mohan is telling Manan good things and to be strong as she taught to her while Radha asks Gungun to stop it as Mohan isn't Manan's father after which she tries to leave but Gungun stops her.

Just then, Yug comes there and comments on mother and child meet which makes Radha anxious that if Yug has listened her and Gungun's conversation but to her relief Yug was refering to Manan and Radha's meet.

After that, he says to Manan that he has gotten discharge so they can go home and spend some time together just then his health deteriorates as he has drunk bottle drip.

Further, the doctor checks him and asks him to stay under observation for a day while Yug tries to bargain with them but Radha says to him that she'll handle Manan alone and asks him to get well first.

Later, Radha asks Garv to stay with Yug while the doctor asks to shift Yug in another ward after which Gungun tries to check Yug's walk but Yug spots her thus asks her to go.

Just then, Yug's family comes to meet Manan while Mohan goes towards Radha but Dadi tries to stop him after which they see Trivedi and Kohli's families are standing together where Trivedi meets with Manan.

Radha also meet Dadi who warns her that Mohan wants to get them back while Radha says Mohan won't do anything wrong atleast as he isn't their enemy.

Further, Pari asks Mohan help to drop them home and Mohan agrees after which Radha can't lift Manan so Mohan does while Manan holds Radha's hand in the meantime to keep her close.

After that, Yug sees Radha and Mohan going together with family from his ward window and gets frustrated while Radha and Mohan sit in the car with Manan to go to home.

Meanwhile, Meera sees them being jealous and hurt after which Radha and Mohan remembers their past memories as they arrive home Pari thanks Mohan to drop them while Mohan spills out that Manan is his son so it's no big deal.

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