Radha Mohan 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan saying Radha gave him earful a lot and she always drag their children into the fight.

He adds, that Radha never leaves a chance to question his upbringing while Meera asks Mohan to leave Radha and focus on them.

She asks Mohan if he thinks she can do such a thing and will hire a girl to downgrade his image with money while Mohan denies.

However, he says that love can make people do strange things and he is the example for it as he has done a lot of strange things.

After that, he says that Radha's presence has affected her a lot she is hurt due to him and people can go to any extent for their love.

Then, Meera asks if Mohan thinks she has done that while Mohan says he doesn't know about it but he is sad because he couldn't defend her.

He adds, that from last few days Meera is getting stuck in his family problems which she shouldn't and asks her to enjoy her life as he can't let her be misunderstood.

Meanwhile, Meera asks him to clarify while Mohan asks her to not come daily to their house and live her life as she is facing trouble due to him.

There, Ketki says that Meera has handled their house in all those years in Radha's absence and now Mohan is asking her to leave when Radha is back while Mohan says that he knows Meera's favours on them but he doesn't want her to face the humiliation again.

Then, Meera says that it's her family and she won't go from their house until she proves her innocence after which Mohan thinks that Radha didn't do right by dragging Meera into the mishap.

He remembers her words on his parenting and decides to prove her as a bad mother after which in the morning he plays cricket with the society kids.

After that, he breaks Radha's window and make noises to disturb her when she was making Manan study while Manan wishes to play with Mohan but Radha doesn't let him go.

Further, she asks them to not create noise but Mohan hits ball on her head after which she doesn't return their ball while Manan goes to play taking ball in Radha's absence.

There, Gungun and Meera decide to investigate against Yug and check CCTV footage but he has deleted it while Yug sees them and adds Meera to his targets list.

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