Radha Mohan 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 23rd February 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Kaveri and Damini spying on Kadambari who is folding the clothes.

Once Kadambari goes out of the room, Damini and Kaveri enter the room to steal the keys to the safe.

Damini tells Kaveri that no,  they will vanish the proof so the hanging sward will be removed from their head.

While Kaveri grins like a little kid, Radha appears at the door and announces that Damini and Kaveri cannot escape now.

Radha even adds that she will reveal Damini’s truth to everyone while Tulsi’s spirit mumbles that today, Damini’s truth will come out.

As Radha starts yelling for everyone to come, Damini skillfully pushes the keys into Radha’s hand who stands there with the keys in her hand surprised.

Before Radha can understand Damini’s plan, everyone gathers in the room and Damini accuses Radha of stealing the keys.

Damini even announces that she caught Radha red-handed in the act of stealing.

Mohan calls out to Radha when she is about to say something and asks her if she has really stooped so low.

Tulsi mutters that it is Radha who has caught Damini, not the other way around whereas Kadambari orders Radha to reveal if what Damini is saying is true or not.

In reply to Kadambari, Radha reveals that it was Damini who was stealing the keys but Mohan orders her to close her mouth.

Mohan tells Radha to stop lying to which Radha replies that she never tried to steal.

While Radha tries to make Mohan understand that she is not at fault, Mohan announces that it is enough as he does not want to create any scene because today is very important for Kadambari.

In the meantime, Radha calls out to Gungun to come and asks Mohan if he will believe Gungun.

Just then, Gungun opens the window like a hero with sunglasses and makes her entry.

Kaveri orders Damini to do something as this little firecracker will ruin their plan.

When Damini reminds everyone about Gungun always taking Radha's side, Gungun announces that she always takes Radha’s side since Radha is her mother.

Damini and Kaveri turn pale as Gungun brings out the phones hidden in this room.

She shows Mohan and Kadambari the video of Damini’s wrongdoings, saying that she has recorded this on two phones to ensure there is no loophole in the story.

Mohan and Kadambari get shocked to see Damini’s true side while Damini and Kaveri start shaking in fear.

Damini tries to justify her stealing by saying that she was worried that Radha would steal her hard-earned money from the safe but Kadambari orders her to close her mouth.

Kadambari announces that she gives Damini a good percentage of money to acknowledge her contribution to the business so this money and the house only belong to Mohan and Gungun.

Meanwhile, Mohan orders Damini to stop lying while she looks guilty.

When Mohan orders everyone to leave the room, Radha orders him to call the police.

Radha even argues that this house belongs to her too causing Mohan to glare at her.

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