Radha Mohan 23rd November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 23rd November 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 23rd November 2022 episode starts with Radha pressing upon Pratap to tell the name of her contractor. 

However, Pratap pushes her back and gets up. 

Meanwhile, Damini knows Radha to be stubborn and will not give up that easily. 

Just then she spots a stretcher outside the mandap hall and remembers seeing Radha’s dupatta there. 

Meanwhile, Kadambari asks Damini if she knows where Radha is. 

In the meantime, Mohan holds Radha’s hands as she gets pushed onto his lap. 

Radha becomes happy while Pratap gets worried about Mohan waking up. 

He injects the injection into Mohan when Radha stands in between and stops him. 

Pratap tries to push her away but Radha applies her full strength.

Meanwhile, Damini tells Kadambari that she will check up on Mohan who is taking too much time. 

However, Kadambari tells Damini that she cannot go as she does not fall in the category of old, sick or child and she cannot let any unauspiciousness happen. 

Damini feels helpless knowing that Radha must be working to stop her marriage. 

In the meantime, Pratap slaps Radha telling her that he will give her a very bad death after dealing with Mohan. 

Later, Radha turns the whole rack on Pratap however, Pratap injects the injection into Mohan’s drip. 

Meanwhile, Gungun and Ketki request Rahul to open the door while Tulsi prays to God to give Radha strength to fight Damini and save Mohan. 

Later, Radha tussles with Pratap and pushes him away and takes out the needle from Mohan’s hand to stop the medicine from entering Mohan’s body. 

Radha tries to wake Mohan while Damini and others hear Radha’s voice coming from Mohan’s room. 

Damini gets angry feeling in her bones that Radha has managed to obstruct her plan. 

Kadambari and others go to Mohan’s room to check on him. 

Just then, Pratap gets up and picks up a knife to kill Radha but stops seeing Mohan coming to consciousness. 

Meanwhile, Gungun tells Ketki that she can feel that Mohan and Radha are in grave danger.

In the hospital, Radha hugs Mohan in happiness while Pratap tries to stab her with scissors. 

However, with God’s grace, Radha injects Pratap with the injection that he holds in her hands. 

Pratap falls on the floor shivering while Kadambari, Ajeet and Trivedi Ji enter the room. 

On hearing about Pratap trying to attack Mohan with a poisonous injection, Kadambari apologises to Radha for behaving badly with her. 

Later, Mohan starts to shiver while the doctor tells them that poison has entered Mohan’s body and has to be admitted to the ICU. 

On being asked, the doctor tells Trivedi's family that the chances of Mohan's survival are very little. 

Outside the ICU, the nurse gives the form to sign where the hospital will not be responsible for Mohan's death during treatment. 

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