Radha Mohan 24rd May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24rd May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th May 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 24th May 2023 episode starts with Mohan devising a strategy to initially check in at the office and nearby sites for Radha.

Damini stops Kekti, Ajit, and Mohan as they are about to depart and asks if she can join them.

Mohan stops Damini with an angry expression, but Damini says that she wants to come not because she cares about Radha but because if he discovers Radha, she will not start blaming her for everything.

Mohan orders Kadambari to keep a watchful eye on Damini because he has zero faith in her.

Gungun, on the other hand, demands to meet Radha with Mohan.

However, Mohan on his knees, explains to Gungun that he wishes Gungun to stay at home.

He adds that someone should be at home to manage the matter because anyone can call regarding Radha and provide any relevant information.

Mohan hugs Gungun and tells her to keep an eye on Damini and watch her every move, to which Gungun agrees.

Meanwhile, Radha is freezing in the cold and muttering about how with the passage of time, she has begun to feel weak inside.

Radha mutters that she is hungry as well because she hasn't eaten in a while, and considers grabbing one of the ice cream boxes.

She tries to reach the box with her cardboard-rolled hands, but it falls to the floor, hurting Radha's arms.

Radha murmurs in her voice trembling, about Gungun giving her a chocolate to savor if she forgets to eat her lunch due to her hectic schedule.

She glances at her bag which is kept at a distance while Gungun offers sweet curd for Mohan, wishing him luck in finding Radha.

Mohan smiles and kisses Gungun's forehead, assuring her that he will definitely bring Radha with him.

Mohan, Kekti, and Ajit leave while Radha drags her body over the floor to get her bag.

She takes out the chocolate from her bag and looks at it, getting emotional since she has something to eat.

She opens the wrapper and is about to chomp on it when she remembers how Gungun must not have eaten anything because she always eats when Radha returns home.

Meanwhile, Dulari who is carrying the dinner plate begs Gungun to eat but Gungun says she is not in the mood to eat.

When Kadambari sees all of this, she calms Gungun down but Gungun warns her that she only eats when Radha comes home.

While Mohan is driving his car, Kadambari phones and demands that Mohan explain the issue to Gungun because she is not talking to anyone or eating anything.

Mohan requests that Kadambari pass the phone, and while Kadambari keeps the phone on speaker, Mohan instructs Gungun to eat something for Radha.

Gungun adds that Radha does not eat anything when Mohan does not eat, which causes Mohan's eyes to well up with tears.

Mohan says he's going to eat as well and when he sees an empty wrapper in the car, he makes its sounds and begins making delightful noises about eating biscuits.

This reassures Gungun and Dulari feeds Gungun her lunch while Mohan asks that she finish her meal entirely.

Meanwhile, holding the chocolate Radha mutters to herself that Mohan must have compelled Gungun to eat her food by now.

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