Radha Mohan 24th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th April 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th April 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 24th April 2023 episode starts with Mohan telling Radha that he knows that she has been trying to look at his photo with Rosy, pulling the phone away from her.

Radha tries to take the phone away from him, but as she stares into Mohan's eyes, she forgets her purpose.

Mohan snickers, saying how she wouldn't be able to look at his phone now that he has locked it.

He tells her to sleep while he thinks about Rosy for the summer activities, making Radha stare at him open-mouthed.

The next day, Damini vigorously does skipping exercises while Kaveri huffs, exhausted.

Damini explains to her that they must think of a plan to stop Radha from coming to the office.

Just then, her eyes fall on the slightly open kitchen window, where Damini and Kaveri notice Radha stealthily taking a spoonful of ghee into a bowl.

They quietly follow Radha to see what she is up to this time while Radha takes Mohan's phone in her hand and generously applies ghee on its screen.

Kaveri is bewildered seeing this and suggests to Damini that this is Radha's way of possessing people.

Damini requests her mother to be quiet as she intently looks at Radha buttering Mohan's phone screen.

Tulsi watches Radha with amusement but gets alarmed as she hears Mohan coming back.

She tries to signal Radha by switching the lamp on, making Radha hurriedly keep Mohan's phone aside and act as if she is cleaning the bed.

Mohan suspiciously stares at Radha as he reaches for his phone, only to find it sticky.

Radha innocently looks at his phone, accusing him of using his phone while having breakfast.

She takes the phone from his hand and quickly looks at Mohan's fingermarks on the numbers of the password, noting the four numbers before she vigorously wipes the screen with a cloth.

Radha then states that husband and wife should know each other's password as she tries to spell the word 'password'.

Mohan corrects her and tells her not to touch his phone, to which Radha nods her head.

As soon as Mohan goes to bathe, Radha quickly takes the phone in her hand and tries to remember the numbers, trying it on the phone with different sequences.

Radha successfully opens Mohan's phone as she realizes that the password is Gungun's birth date.

Damini has had enough as she approaches Radha, asking her what she is doing with Mohan's phone.

Radha is surprised by Damini's arrival but curtly tells her that she is looking at her husband's phone.

Damini quickly calls Mohan, telling her that she knows that Radha is trying to take screenshots of Tulsi's messages.

Radha is shocked to hear Damini's words, as nobody except her and Mohan knows about Tulsi's messages.

Mohan comes outside when he hears somebody calling him and is confused to find Damini and Kaveri in his room, glaring at Radha.

Radha turns to Mohan and tells him what Damini is blaming her for, revealing to Mohan that she has been suspicious of Damini in killing Tulsi.

Damini sobs as she admits that Tulsi must have died because of her.

She desperately tries to convince Mohan that Tulsi has attempted suicide because of her ego, confessing that she hates Tulsi.

Damini also looks at Radha and angrily tells her that she similarly wishes Radha to die so that she gets united with Mohan.

Mohan is shocked to hear Damini's words as he stares at her, stunned.

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