Radha Mohan 24th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan starts with Mohan playing flute to lure Radha to Trivedi's house while Radha asks him to stop his attempts being frustrated.

Meanwhile, Mohan says that what happened to Radha after which Radha says that he knows very well what happened thus he shouldn't try to be innocent.

After that, Mohan says he is innocent only and was just playing the flute then why Radha is angry.

He adds, if Radha is angry because he played flute which is only gifted by her or because it made her remember of her love for him.

Further, Radha remembers to her love confession for Mohan and then says that it's true once she loved him but that love snatched everything from her so now she doesn't love him.

However, Mohan keeps saying that Radha still loves her which makes Radha triggers and she says that she doesn't love Mohan but hates him after which she also breaks his flute.

There, Ketki remembers the incident happened in Kohli's house and how Mohan stopped her from telling them Radha's truth.

She says that Mohan shouldn't have stopped her and he even proved her mad in front of them while Ajeet makes fun of her but she says she isn't in mood of joke.

After that, she says that Mohan has suffered a lot in all those years due to Radha and now she can't see him suffer again.

Meanwhile, Ajeet says that he doesn't know much but as Radha is around Mohan now, Mohan is living hopefully now and has different energy with him so he wants her to leave everything on the god and let the things happen as per god's wish.

He adds, that the god will decide if Radha and Mohan should reunite or not while Mohan brings his flute collection to Radha and asks het to break them all if it gives her relief.

Further, Radha breaks them all saying she doesn't want to keep any flute as it always makes her remember of the past while in the process her hand gets injured and Mohan cares for her.

He takes her from there despite of her denial while Yug searches for Radha in the house and enters Manan's room where Manan is sleeping while Poonam is sitting beside him.

After that, Poonam asks him to go as Manan has slept with great difficulty due to the fear while Yug says he is just here to search Radha and not to harm Manan after which he asks to Poonam about where is Radha.

However, Poonam sends him out of the room saying Radha must be around and he should go otherwise Manan's sleep will be disturbed.

On the other hand, Mohan convinces Radha to get her wound treated as otherwise, he'll kiss her while Radha remembers their past moments when he applies the ointment.

There, Yug searches for Radha while Poonam worries thinking if Yug gets to know Radha isn't at home god knows what will he do just then Yug comes again to Poonam and takes her aside to interrogate.

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