Radha Mohan 24th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th October 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 24th October 2023 episode starts with Radha getting happy as she turns to go to Mohan and hug him. 

KK's face gets flicked with Radha's plait and he smiles to himself while Damini gets angry seeing the married couple happy while Radha leaves with Mohan to give the good news to the family. 

Damini stumbles back seeing Mohan while he tells her to remember that Radha-Mohan is always a hit when they are together. 

They leave and Damini tries to talk to KK but he ignores her and goes after Radha-Mohan. 

KK raises his hand for a handshake with Radha congratulating them but Mohan puts his hand forward to complete the handshake. 

Further, KK tells Radha that she'll have to let go of the saree angering Mohan but KK explains to them that she'll have to wear a dress in the next round as per the dress code. 

He wishes them all the best and leaves while Mohan complains about KK flirting with Radha. 

Radha laughs saying that she's enjoying this as she is the one who is always fighting girls like Damini and Miss Rosy for him. 

He tells her that he's not jealous and asks her what she'll do about the dress while Radha tells him to come to their room and she'll tell him. 

Afterward, Damini orders a goon man to kill Radha immediately as it is very important while the goon reasons that the security is very tight and it will charge double. 

She tells him that she'll take care of the money along with Mohan and the goon leaves while Damini states that she will not let Radha go through the second round. 

Later, Mohan buys a mini sewing kit for Radha when Damini comes there and mocks him for being once the richest publisher in Vrindavan and now having to buy these things. 

She tries to instigate Mohan by calling him a black spot on the name of fatherhood but he ignores her and walks away with her going after him. 

Elsewhere, Radha talks to Kadambari and the rest of the family on video call as she tells them about getting first rank in the first round. 

She requests to talk to Gungun which worries the family members as Gungun is getting treated by the doctor. 

Narmada takes the phone and talks to Radha encouraging her to win and making Radha happy. 

Ketki takes the call and lies to Radha that Gungun is sleeping and disconnects the call. 

Tulsi cries watching Gungun while Gungun hears Kadambari stating that they need to call back Radha and Mohan. 

She removes her oxygen mask and requests to talk to Kadambari who enters the room worried.

Gungun tells Kadambari to not call Radha and Mohan as they cannot lose because of her and feels short of breath as Kadambari puts the oxygen mask back in its place.

She walks out of the room and stops Ketki from calling Radha stating that this is Gungun's decision and that they should be strong like her. 

Back at the hotel, Radha thinks to send a picture of the scenery to Gungun and opens the camera which is in selfie mode. 

However, as she is trying to fix it, she gets scared noticing a man entering her room through the main door. 

The goon closes the door and starts looking around for Radha while she hides under the sofa. 

Damini on the other hand continues making Mohan distracted as she tells him to list all the reasons why Radha is better than her. 

Radha tries to escape but the goon notices her as her saree gets stuck under the sofa. 

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