Radha Mohan 25th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 25th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 25th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 25th March 2023 episode starts with Radha tapping Gungun on the shoulder, deeply concerned about Gungun and how she will protect herself from this wicked world.

While Gungun is sleeping, she informs Tulsi that it is time to have a conversation with Gungun in order to protect herself, as she believes that danger exists not only outside the home but also within it.

Tulsi, standing beside the bed, thanked Radha for always being a strong support system for Gungun.

Later, as Radha prepares to go to bed, she opens her blanket roughly, injuring the scar on her wrist, and exclaims.

As a result, Mohan becomes aware and looks down to see what happened.

Radha quickly throws the gold bangle that Bhushan forced on her, and Mohan gets down to investigate.

He notices the scar on Radha's wrist and begins to sympathize with her.

He takes medicine and begins to apply it to her scar while Radha is aware of Mohan's actions, but she simply closes her eyes and feels cute butterflies in her stomach as she sees Mohan love and care for her.

The next morning, Radha walks into Gungun's room and tries to teach her a valuable life lesson.

Radha demonstrates to Gungun with doll how bad the doll will feel if she is forced to play with her, and she instructs Gungun not to allow anyone to force them on her as well. 

She instructs Gungun not to allow anyone to compel themselves on her or touch her, especially in her private parts.

Mohan is standing outside the door, watching Radha explain this important aspect of life to Gungun, while Kadambari, Damini, and Kaveri are standing outside the window too.

Kadambari becomes enraged and prepares to enter the room to scold Radha, but Mohan stops her and claims that it is important for Gungun to understand this entire thing since she is maturing and Radha is only articulating the facts.

Mohan then enters the room and explains the same thing, and when he becomes hesitant, Radha holds his hand and tells him to continue.

Meanwhile, Radha claims that even people within the family can sometimes be equally cruel just like the outside world, such as Mama, which astounds Mohan.

Radha exclaims, "Kans Mama," aka Kamsa, who is a bad person who tried to force himself on many women.

She consoles Gungun by explaining that Mohan, Kadambari, and everyone will be there for her and that if they aren't, she should understand and distinguish between good and bad on her own.

Gungun hugs Mohan and Radha, proclaiming them the best, and Kekti, who overhears their conversation, becomes emotional.

Meanwhile, Damini, seeing the three of them bonding, muses about Radha's last day in the Trivedi family.

Later, Damini carries out her plan in front of Radha by conversing with Kaveri about the important documents she does not want Radha to see.

She adds that because she didn't have time, she hid the papers in Bhushan's room, and Radha overhears their secret.

Radha considers going to Bhushan's room and retrieving the papers before Damini destroys them.

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