Radha Mohan 25th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan talking to himself as he says that he gets a feeling that he will meet Radha soon when Gungun comes and asks him what he is talking about and he replies that he is talking about home.

She asks for his laptop which has Radha's picture opened and thus he refuses to give his laptop.

She stays adamant about taking his laptop as he says that she will have to give him her iPad in return.

Just then, Meera comes and says that no one can mess with Dad while she takes Gungun with her.

Meanwhile, he sees Radha's pictures on his laptop and thinks to himself that no one should know that he is trying to find Radha even though she has done wrong to him.

On the other hand, Radha gets hiccups as she goes live on her channel and suddenly remembers Mohan and the moments she spent with him as he thinks that memories are about the past and her past has nothing to do with her present.

She wishes that Mohan doesn't think about her anymore because he is not part of her memories anymore.

At home, Poonam treats Yug's wound and asks him what he was doing when he says that he was going to write his name on Radhika and adds that vermillion fails in front of his blood which worries Poonam.

She says that she knows Radhika and Yug both love each other but if a feeling goes beyond the extent, it becomes insanity which is not good and it might result in Radhika leaving him.

This infuriates him and he starts shouting at Poonam asking her why she would leave him. She calms him down and Yug tells her that he loves Radhika more than anything in his life.

Subsequently, Radhika is on air while Yug still keeps murmuring that he loves Radhika a lot and she can never leave him as he gets up and asks Poonam if she sees love for Radhika in his eyes.

Poonam agrees and says that he shouldn't cry as tomorrow is Holi which reminds him of how Radhika loves Holi a lot and blames himself saying that he is not a good husband since he can't remember what she loves.

She says that a person forgets his past only when his presence is better than the past and he wants to make her present better.

He plans a Holi event for the next day which will make her happy and then she won't leave him when he says that he will give Radhika everything beyond her ability and claims that he is the best husband.

On the flip side, Mohan prays to God that he has everything in life except for peace and he will get peace when he meets the person he is searching for.

He wishes that he would meet that person on the day of Holi. Meanwhile, his doorbell rings and he finds Yug on the door.

He invites him to the Holi event while Sargam comes and meets and later Gungun and Meera join. He meets everyone and leaves.

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