Radha Mohan 25th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha saying to Mohan that does he has any idea that whatever he is doing is wrong as she is someone's wife, first he called her there playing flute then he is saying he'll kiss her and holding her hand.

She adds, that everything is changed between them nor it is Vrindavan nor she is same Barsana's Radha now she is Radhika Kohli and he could have convinced Radha by his tactics but not Radhika Kohli.

On the other hand, Yug asks to Poonam that where is Radha while Poonam says she doesn't know about Radha after which, Yug says that he has eagle's eyes thus she can't lie to him.

However, Poonam asks Yug to believe her as she doesn't know where is Radha for real but Yug says that he doesn't trust even himself then how can ge trust her.

He warns her to tell him where is Radha and scares her reminding lady finger incident just then Garv comes there and asks if they are fighting.

After that, Yug says that they aren't fighting but he is just asking where is Radha and asks Garv about the same while Garv says he doesn't know where is Radha.

Further, Yug taunts them saying how's family they are if they don't know about family matters just then he sees the main door open and decides to check if Radha has gone outside after which Poonam tries to accompany him but he stops her.

There, Radha says to Mohan that she can't come back in his life nor she wants to come so Mohan should stay away from her as it'll be good for all just then Mohan pulls her in a hug while Yug checks in Mohan's house and finds him hugging someone.

After that, he leaves while Radha rebukes Mohan for hugging her without consent after which Mohan says that Yug was peeping inside thus he hugged her still if she felt uncomfortable then he is sorry for that.

He adds, that he cares about her dignity while Yug and Meera meet outside and greet each other after which Yug thinks if Meera is outside then whom Mohan was hugging.

Further, he goes to check there while Radha hides from Yug and he talks with Mohan then goes from there while Mohan feels guilty for lying to Yug.

After that, he asks Radha to tell Yug about the truth as he is a good human and has taken care of Radha and Manan in his absence while Radha asks him to stay away from them.

There, Gungun thinks Yug doesn't seems like a good person and she has to investigate after which Meera comes there and Radha and Meera greet each other.

Further, Mohan asks Meera why she has come there in night while Meera says she is here to take her stuff and Radha indirectly advises her to keep Mohan with her.

On the other hand, Yug tries to find Radha while Poonam warns Radha to not go from the main door as it'll rise questions in Yug's mind after which Yug sees Radha in the house and asks where was she.

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