Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 26th March 2023 episode starts with Radha denying to Kadambari about coming to the Holi veneration.

Kadambari furrows her eyebrows in confusion as Radha is not one to ever refuse a Pooja.

Radha tells that if Bhushan is going to be there, she won't as that man is not to be respected but thrown out of the house.

Kadambari angrily leaves Radha while Radha speaks to herself about how much excited she is to attend the Pooja but she cannot this time as she has to stand with the truth.

Damini awaits Radha's ruin

Meanwhile, Damini murmurs to Kaveri that today Radha's game will be over while Mohan inquires about Radha's presence.

Kadambari tells him about Radha's refusal and Mohan gets ready to twist her ear and make her attend it but Damini stops him.

Damini says that it is for the best that Radha is not there and they can spend time together, but Mohan sheepishly lets her know that since everyone will be there, including Gungun, he cannot take a chance.

To impress him, Damini states when Mohan is with her, she doesn't care for anyone else.

Just then, Gungun comes to ask Mohan where is Radha and as he answers, Gungun throws a water balloon at him, making Kadambari and Tulsi laugh.

Meanwhile, Radha goes to Damini's room to fetch those papers and feels someone following her.

Bhushan is following her but when she turns around, he hides behind a sofa.

Bhushan stalks Radha

As Radha enters Damini's room and starts rummaging through her cupboard to fetch those papers, Bhushan stands outside the door and says Radha didn't do good by slapping him.

He also perfumes herself while Radha again feels that someone is keeping a track of her.

Outside, Gungun throws a water balloon at Mohan's hip this time as he squeals with surprise and runs behind her.

However, he also worries for Radha as she hasn't shown up yet.

Inside the house, Bhushan wets a handkerchief with chloroform but hides when Radha opens the door and goes back to search for the papers.

As he nears her quietly, the fire alarm goes on, alerting all the others present outside.

Bhushan hides as Radha runs away from the room to see what is wrong while Mohan dashes inside the house to save Radha.

Mohan hugs Radha

Kadambari yells at Mohan to be safe while Radha sees Bhushan hiding behind the door without a reason.

As she descends, Mohan hugs her tightly and says he cannot lose Radha just like he lost Tulsi while Radha also basks in his warmth.

Meanwhile, Damini briskly tells Kaveri that no one should know about the fire inside Bhushan for Radha as they wait outside for Rahul to check if there is any fire out there or not.

Rahul tells Kadambari that there is no fire in the house and they all rush inside only to find Mohan hugging Radha.

Damini's blood boils at the sight and she asks Mohan what he is doing after which Mohan pulls himself away from Radha.

He tells everyone that everyone is safe and there is no fire in the house while Kadambari looks at Radha and rolls her eyes.

Ketki saves Radha from Bhushan

Radha still overwhelmed after Mohan's hug agrees with him and is about to speak of Bhushan hiding when he comes out of nowhere, pretending to be alarmed after hearing the fire alarm.

Radha glares at him as Kadambari tells everyone to assemble outside once again and Kaveri grumbles about Radha's luck saving her again.

After everyone leaves, Radha notices Ketki still and asks her if she will go or not.

Ketki comes out of her trance as Radha shakes her hand and finds it blackened.

She then notices a paper burnt nearby and realizes that it is Ketki who saved her and Radha questions her about how many times she will save her when Bhushan is not a good man.

Ketki asks Radha to beware as everything will be alright after he leaves.

However, Radha tells herself that she will reveal Bhushan's true identity to everyone.

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