Radha Mohan 26th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan taking Yug out as Mohan's phone falls and Yug picks it up and sees a picture in the phone as he is amazed.

He asks him who is this in the picture which turns out to be his friend's.

Yug appreciates the way Meera has accepted this family because girls these days do not prefer to stay with a joint family.

This amazes Yug while Mohan explains to him that she is his business partner while Yug asks him about his wife.

He tells him that his wife doesn't live with him anymore while Yug asks him more about it as he tells him that Radha has done a lot for him as his family and she used to consider him a god.

Yug tells him that while he was telling him about his wife, he was getting his wife's visuals.

The difference is just that his wife used to consider him God and he considers his wife god.

He takes a leave inviting him to tomorrow's fest.

The next day, Radha is in the Holi celebration as she remembers how she used to celebrate Holi with Mohan and says to herself that there is no place for Radha in her life and she is now Radhika.

She says that she has got a lot as Radhika and Radha is her past that is filled with pain and suffering.

Meanwhile, Mihan and the family arrive at the function as Gungun gets excited to see it while Ajeet gets excited to see Thandai.

He says that they should have it to freshen the memories of Vrindavan.

Radha and Mohan feel each other's presence and Radha turns around but her view of Mohan is blocked by some people.

She says that Mohan can't be here and he shouldn't be too as he has no place in Radhika's life.

Concurrently, Mohan recalls his past memories of Holi with Radhika.

Elsewhere, Mana comes to Radhika as she wishes him happy Holi and asks him to play safely.

He leaves and Yug comes asking him how she likes the decorations.

She appreciates the decoration and he says that it's good that she liked the celebration as it is her favorite festival.

Yug asks him to stay there and goes to bring Gulal but as soon as she sees colors, she runs away.

Her anklet accidentally falls off and Yug picks it up while Mohan meets him.

They wish each other a happy Holi as Yug says that he will be back in a minute.

On the other hand, Mohan hallucinates that Radha has called her as she comes running towards him and applies color to his face.

She further wishes him happy Holi and kisses his hands while Mohan gets emotional as he wipes his tears.

Radha bends down to touch his feet and he makes her stand up and realize that it's Yug's dadi. She sees tears in his eyes, and asks if she made any mistake.

He asks her not to worry about the tears and asks why would he cry when he sees a girl pretty like her.

Dadi asks him to apply her color and they wish each other a happy Holi while Ajeet, Ketki, and Meera see it as Meera gets jealous.

Meanwhile, Yug searches for Radhika as Mohan applies color to him and Yug leaves in search of Radha but leaves the anklet there.

Mohan picks it up while Radha feels that Mohan is near her.

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