Radha Mohan 27th December 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th December 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th December 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 27th December 2022 episode starts with Mohan asking Radha if she is feeling any pain. 

Meanwhile, Kaveri is worried about Radha and Mohan falling in love while Damini tells her that she is only worried that Radha does not tell anything about her to Mohan. 

In the meantime, Mohan tells Radha that he is inauspicious and destroys everyone that comes in contact with him. 

Radha asks him to not talk pessimistically as he brightens everyone around him. 

However, Mohan feels responsible for encouraging Radha to develop feelings for him.

Radha tells him that even if he hadn’t done all that, she would have fallen in love with him because he is that good and lovable. 

Mohan wipes his tears and tells Radha that he has become habitual to having her around while doing things together and taking care of Gungun. 

Mohan tells Radha that he does not deserve her love and has his future in darkness like his present. 

Radha tells him that he is so precious to him that even Banke Bihari comes second to him. 

Meanwhile, Damini and Kaveri are peeking through a door window and worrying about Radha telling Mohan the truth. 

At the same time, Mohan confesses his love for Radha saying she is the most precious person to him whose smile and eyes are like no other person's and that her smile makes his day and her tears drown him in sorrow.

Mohan tells Radha that she is not in love with him but infatuated with him. 

However, Radha tells Mohan not to insult her love for him by hiding behind big words. 

She tells her that she is not stopping his marriage to Damini because she wants to marry him but because she now knows Damini’s truth. 

Just as Radha is about to explain Damini’s truth Mohan interrupts her and tells her to focus on herself and forget about Gungun and him. 

Radha tells him that she is not so selfish that she will see him suffer while she rejoices in her life. 

Meanwhile, Damini and Kaveri are watching through the small window of the door. 

Damini decides to use Gungun to stop Radha from telling her the truth to Mohan.

In the meantime, Radha tells Mohan that she will prove everything and asks him to give her some time. 

Mohan tries to stop her saying she will only suffer more while trying to favour him. 

However, Radha tells him that she can bear anything for him. 

After a while, Radha comes to Kadambari’s room to talk to her but Kadambari refuses to listen to her. 

Radha also tells her that she knows how Damini and Kaveri are threatening her and using her love for Mohan to ask her to do her bidding.

Before Radha can tell more, Kaveri comes there and takes Kadambari with her. 

Just then Radha hears Damini beating Gungun and rushes to her side in anger to save her. 

Damini tells Radha to not interfere as Gungun has ruined her life and she will kill her today. 

Radha becomes furious and captures Damini’s hand. 

Radha begins to slap Damini for daring to beat Gungun. 

Just then Kaveri comes there shouting to save Damini from Radha who is beating Damini into a pulp. 

Meanwhile, Radha tells Damini that a mother cannot bear to see her child being beaten by anyone else. 

Radha pics a wooden rod and beats Damini right and leaves while the whole household watches Radha in shock. 

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