Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 27th January 2023 episode starts with Mohan hugging Damini to tease Radha out of his room however, he gets shocked when Damini starts touching him lustfully. 

He pushes Damini so hard that her head hit the bed’s poster and she gets hurt while Radha stands while laughing at Damini’s travesty.

Mohan rebukes Radha and apologises to Damini saying he is ticklish. 

Radha mocks Damini

Radha tells him with a straight face that she did not know that wrestling is part of the wedding night, which is why she laughed. 

Mohan feels mocked and tells her to go and sleep in their respective rooms as he is no more in the mood for the wedding night and walks out of the room. 

Meanwhile, Radha comes to Damini and tells her to wear a helmet next time. 

Damini tells her that there is no point in her being happy as soon as this wedding night will happen. 

Radha smiles at her sarcastically and tells her that Mohan has no love for her otherwise he would never have asked her to leave whereas she resides in some part of Mohan’s mind be it for being angry so there is some relationship between them. 

Later, Radha pushes Damini out of her room telling her to leave her with her husband. 

Radha makes a place for herself and Banke Bihariji

After a while, Mohan comes to his room and is surprised to see Radha setting the bed. 

Radha tells her that Gungun has thrown her out of the room so she has nowhere to go. 

Mohan on the other hand, warns her to not think of sleeping beside him.

However, Radha tells her that she is not preparing this bed for herself but for Her Banke Bihari who cannot sleep on the floor. 

Mohan looks surprised and tells her to take her Banke Bihari ji to her room. 

However, Radha tells Mohan that this is her room from now on and her Banke Bihari will sleep here as well.

Mohan tells her that He is her Banke Bihari and that is why she should take him to sleep with her. 

However, Radha gets offended and tells him that Banke Bohari is not her’s alone and he has also bonded with Banke Bihari now. 

Mohan tells her that he has broken up with Him now. 

Meanwhile, Radha tells him that bond with Banke Bihari Ji is for seven lives and cannot be broken in minutes. 

Radha also tells him to not snatch her Banke Bihari’s blanket at night while Mohan looks at her comically.

Later, Radha recalls Mohan’s promises while preparing her bed on the floor and lying down to sleep. 

Meanwhile, Mohan sleeps on the bed and stares at Banke Bihari Ji. 

However, he feels uncomfortable seeing Banke Bihari’s face turned towards him. 

Mohan begins to talk to Banke Bihari and asks Him if Radha hasn’t become very smart in a few days. 

Conversationally, Mohan tells him that he has also given up on Radha as she has changed his room too. 

After a while, Mohan shifts to the couch to sleep peacefully while letting Banke Bihar sleep alone. 

During the night, Mohan turns towards Radha who also turns towards Mohan and makes a pillow of Mohan’s hand in her sleep. 

Kaveri and Radha conspire again

Meanwhile, Kaveri scolds Damini for coming back while leaving Mohan alone with Radha. 

She tells him that men are not to be trusted no matter how good they are. 

Meanwhile, Damini makes a plan to send Gungun away from Mohan’s custody but Kaveri asks her how will that be done when Tulsi’s mother is so fond of Radha and sees Tulsi’s reflection in her. 

Damini tells her it is possible that Gungun refuses to live with Mohan and demands to go to her grandmother. 

After a while, Kaveri spots someone on the lawn as she goes to shut the window. 

She tells Damini about it but she refuses to believe her and goes to sleep. 

However, Kaveri is right and there is someone in the portico shrouded in Black cloth. 

The next morning, Mohan wakes up after falling from the couch and lands beside Radha. 

Radha gets startled to see Mohan so close and asks him what is he doing there.

Both of them banter with each other about Mohan falling down but Mohan shuts her up. 

As Radha takes the support of Mohan’s shoulder to get up, she tears Mohan’s Kurta and looks apologetically at Mohan.   

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