Radha Mohan 27th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha getting tensed saying Mohan's heart knows that Manan is his son thus it won't take long for him to find that Manan is his son for real.

She adds, if Yug gets to know about this then everything will be over and prays to the god to make everything fine while Yug thinks that he can't even gossip about Mohan to Radha.

He thinks that Radha takes Mohan's side even more than him thus he feels angry and wishes he could've killed both Mohan and Manan.

There, Ketki and Ajeet get shocked at Gungun's revelation and Ketki says that how it can happen as Yug is Manan's father while Ajeet also agrees to her saying it's wrong to put such a huge allegation on someone without any concrete proof.

Meanwhile, Gungun says that she has the reason behind suspecting Yug and tells how Yug was limping in the school then his unusual in the hospital while Manan told that Champi has bite the kidnapper.

After that, she says that they should check if Yug has dog's bite on his leg or not as after that they can conclude if Yug is the kidnapper or not.

Further, Ajeet agrees to her while Ketki asks her to stay away from Radha's matters as she doesn't care if Radha or her family lives or die while Gungun says that Manan is her brother thus she'll save him no matter if it's Mohan's son or Yug's son.

Later, Gungun leaves while Ajeet asks Ketki to accept her relationship with Manan while Mohan takes out the holy Geeta book and asks it to reunite him with Radha as it was the reason they met.

Meanwhile, Gungun sees it and thinks that she'll expose Yug and then Radha will leave Yug as she can't tolerate anything wrong with her children.

After that, Gungun gets determined to expose Yug and secretly enters into Yug's house while Radha senses it after which she goes to check but Gungun hides from her.

Further, Gungun sees Radha singing lullaby for Manan and remembers her moments with Radha after which she thinks of her wish of getting a baby brother or sister.

She adds, her wish got fulfilled but now she has to expose Yug so they can be together after which she enters Yug's room to check dog's bite on his leg but can't find it.

In the meantime, her bracelet got stuck in Yug's blanket and Gungun tries to remove it in which her bracelet falls and Yug wakes up.

He sees bracelet and understands someone is in the house and goes to check it while Gungun hides from him while Mohan feels danger on Gungun and goes to check her.

There, Kadambari eats ice cream secretly and tries to hide it seeing Mohan but falls in the process after which Mohan, Ajeet, and Ketki come to lift her from the ground while Yug sees Gungun's reflection in the glass window when she is hiding behind the sofa.

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