Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 episode starts with Mohan looking at the medicine in Damini's hand and her smirk as he thinks to himself that Radha was right about Damini joining hands with Mandira to remove the medicines from the market.

Damini fools Mohan

Damini enters the room and holds the medicine in her hand like a trophy, asking Mohan if he is looking for this for his bleeding mother.

Mohan grits his teeth as he says that it is true that Damini has joined hands with Mandira Kashyap.

Damini sweetly states that even if she is not with him, her eyes are only on him as she loves him.

She tells him that he cannot go with this medicine when she is there and flings the bottle toward Mohit when Mohan tries to grab it.

Mohit throws it towards Bhushan when Bhushan is about to throw it towards Damini but Mohan catches the bottle and tries to leave.

However, Damini stops him once again as she tells him that he is fast but only in speed, confessing that she was playing with him back there.

She tells him that the bottle is empty and shows the medicine-filled bottle in her hand.

Mohan goes to grab it but Damini threatens to add the medicine to the alcohol if he comes closer to her.

He gets helpless as he tells her not to fight with Kadambari because of him while Damini states that she is an enemy of everyone who's with Radha.

Damini gives him the option of getting on his knees and rubbing his nose on the ground to get the medicine while Bhushan sits down comfortably saying that today Mohan will learn his place.

Back at home, the doctor continues to ask for the medicine that the condition will be too critical if they don't get her medicine now.

Mohan tells Damini that this is very little he can do for his mother and gets on his knees as Damini smirks at him.

She looks at him solemnly as Mohan is about to rub his nose.

Damini kisses Mohan

Later, Radha prays to Banke Bihariji for Mohan when Mohan enters with the medicines and gives them to the doctor.

The doctor feeds the medicines to Kadambari and checks on her, telling the family that the blood flow will stop soon. 

Radha hugs Mohan and praises him, telling him not to be upset about stealing as it is Damini who has stolen everything from them.

Mohan hugs her back, wondering how to tell her the truth as a flashback shows Damini telling Mohan that his place is not at her feet but in her heart.

He gets back up as she hugs him and feels his back with her long-nailed hands while Mohan stands emotionless.

She hands him the medicine and hugs him once again as he turns to leave while the family looks at her as if she's gone crazy.

Damini kisses his back and puts a mark on his shirt telling him that she is marking her territory.

She tauntingly asks him if he's going to pay the price for the medicine and he agrees to become Damini's assistant.

Mohan becomes an assistant

Damini enjoys her victory and hands him a bundle of money, stating that this is his salary while he thinks that this is the only way to fight against Damini.

He accepts the money and asks her to tell the truth if she is the one who has attacked Kadambari.

She lies to him, saying that this is all because of his poor luck as she reminds him that her eyes are on him at all times. 

Back in the present, Mohan sits beside Kadambari and talks to her as she regains consciousness but Rahul still looks at him with anger.

However, Radha sees Rameshwar crying and talks to him while he reveals to her that Damini has kicked him out of the job.

A flashback shows Damini mocking Rameshwar and telling him that he has become homeless like his family.

At night, Kaveri is scolding Damini for giving a job to Mohan while Damini tells her to shut up as this is all a part of her plan.

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