Radha Mohan 28th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug noticing Gungun hiding behind the sofa as her reflection is seen on the glass window.

He understands that Gungun has sneaked into his house to spy on him after which he decides to pretend that he thinks Gungun is a thief.

After that, he decides to kill Gungun under the pretext of self defending himself from the thief to not arise suspicion.

He thinks that Gungun should have known what's the punishment for spying on him as usually the spies die.

Further, he moves to hit Gungun with a stick just then Radha stops him by holding back the stick after which Ajeet, Ketki, and Mohan make Kadambari sit and wonder how she fell as everything was ok lately.

Then, Mohan says it's good that he woke up so they could help Kadambari while Ajeet asks him why he woke up in the middle of night after which Mohan says that he just woke up to check on Gungun.

Later, Mohan checks on Gungun and doesn't find her in the house after which he searches for Gungun in the house with Ajeet and Ketki but Gungun is nowhere to be found.

After that, Mohan calls Gungun after which Gungun understands that Mohan has got to know that she isn't at home while Radha questions Yug how can he attack on a child showing him Gungun.

Meanwhile, Gungun comes to Radha and Yug acts if he misunderstood Gungun as the kidnapper of Manan after which he acts to be stressed with Manan's incident while Gungun thinks he is such a actor.

There, Radha consoles Yug while he says sorry for his panic behaviour after which Radha asks Gungun that why she has come to their house in the night but Yug asks her to let him talk.

However, Radha tries to stop Yug but he questions Gungun why she came but she is speechless after which Manan comes and hugs Gungun which makes Radha smile remembering Gungun's wish of having younger sibling.

Further, Gungun lies that she was worried about Manan thus came to check on him while Yug says that she could have come from the main door.

He taunts Mohan for enjoying with girls while Gungun sneaks into the houses after which Gungun asks him to not say anything against Mohan.

Later, Yug called Mohan to his house and complains about Gungun sneaking into his house also taunts him that Gungun doesn't have mother thus she is such a spoilt brat.

After that, Mohan agrees to him to get reaction from Radha while Gungun and Ajeet support his claim understanding his motive.

Further, Yug asks Mohan to pay extra attention on Gungun as she is growing up thus the things can go out of his hands while Radha asks Yug to stop it saying Gungun has a mother.

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