Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 episode starts with Mohan, Kekti, and Ajit rushing into the police station, begging the cop to make a missing person's report against Radha.

Meanwhile, the inspector on the phone with Bhushan tells him how Mohan fell into the trap, and Bhushan demands that he teach him a hard lesson.

Radha discovers a way out

Radha, who is struggling with the large box on the floor, tries to push it away and continues her search for smoke accumulation in the specific place.

She manages to stand and while clutching the rack with her elbow, she tries to move it but fails miserably.

However, she doesn't give up and tries again but as the rack gets pulled, Radha gasps in pain as the temperature drops further.

Radha looks up and discovers ventilation, sighing with relief because it is the only way she can get out of there.

While Gungun chants prayers in front of Banke Behari, Kadambari becomes concerned because no one is returning her calls.

She mutters about how Lord Krishna always helps those who help themselves first and she asks him to protect Radha with his Sudarshan Chakra in the same manner that he protects everyone on the planet.

Meanwhile, Radha is staring at the ventilation, puzzled and unsure as to how to use it to escape this hell trap.

Police inspector provokes Mohan

On the other hand, the police inspector requests that the constable who is filing Radha's missing complaint bring him some munchies.

Mohan begs the inspector to write the complaint but the inspector tells him angrily that he cannot sacrifice his hunger to find his missing wife.

Mohan seems perplexed as the inspector assures him that he will write the missing complaint but as he moves towards his desk, he begins softly combing his hair while looking in the mirror.

This enrages Mohan and he stares at the inspector in rage.

In the meantime, the inspector continues to waste his time by seeking his opinion on whether he should color his hair.

In the cold storage, Radha clutches the stick she finds and begins shattering the ventilation shield.

When the cover falls to the floor, she is surprised to discover another fan inside.

She maintains the stick in her hand murmuring that she needs to find the fan's button.

At the police station, the inspector inquiries about Mohan's wife's name and proceeds to beat the bush and spout nonsense when Mohan tells him Radha's name.

Meanwhile, Radha struggles to find the fan's button and moans in pain, unsure of what to do next or how to stop the fan.

When the inspector inquires about Radha's age, Mohan responds with 21, to which the inspector closes the file and declares that the matter has been resolved.

He explains how Mohan must have clashed with Radha and how because Radha is so young, she must have fled with her boyfriend.

The inspector purposefully provokes Mohan by questioning him about his inability to make things exciting for Radha.

Mohan gets JAILED!

Hearing this, Mohan explodes in rage, and grabbing the inspector's collar, he hits him across the face.

However, the constables surrounding Mohan and the inspector gripping his face insist that Mohan be imprisoned immediately.

Mohan shouts in the jail to help Radha while Ajit and Kekti implore the inspector to let Mohan go.

Radha, on the other hand, mutters about Mohan hollering her name and being concerned about how to stop the fan.

Meanwhile, Ajit wails that they should call Shekhar, their personal lawyer for assistance but as he dials his number to reach him, Shekhar's phone comes not reachable.

Radha gets first success!

Kekti recalls how Shekhar is currently on an international flight and grows anxious about how to get Mohan out of jail.

In the cold storage, Radha glancing at the ice cream box, attempts to toss it at the fan but fails and falls on the floor.

She motivates herself by throwing a large box of ice cream which eventually causes the fan to stop.

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