Radha Mohan 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug holding an ice block in his hand while Radha is murmuring in her sleep about why she keeps remembering her past repeatedly when she has moved on from her past.

She reminds herself that she has a loving husband and son so she shouldn't think about her past as it's wrong and it's her world and there is no space for her past.

Meanwhile, Yug who is listening to it thinks that is why Radha has broken her promise after which a flashback shows where Radha tells Yug that she wants to share her past with him before starting afresh but gets sad remembering Mohan.

After that, Yug says to Radha that if her past hurts her then there is no need to remember it as her present only matters to him while Radha promises him that she won't mention her past afterward.

Back to reality, Yug thinks that he has to find out Radha's past now if it is troubling her and he won't leave that person.

There, Mohan makes Gungun sleep and thinks that he has made a separate world for his family so he won't let it shatter even due to Radha's memories.

The next morning, Radha and Manan share a cute moment after that Radha asks Manan if he knows where Gungun lives, after which Manan says she is Sargam's cousin and lives nearby them but he doesn't know the exact place.

Meanwhile, Radha asks him to remember if he can just then Yug comes there and asks Radha why she needs an address which shocks Radha.

On the other hand, Mohan asks Gungun to be prepared after returning he will take her chemistry test while Gungun makes fun of him after which, Mohan says he is already worried about leaving Gungun as the other family members aren't at home.

After that, Meera assures her that her home is safe and Gungun is grown up now so Mohan shouldn't worried and be used to leaving Gungun as Gungun has to leave himself some day for studies.

However, Mohan clarifies that he won't leave Gungun's side ever and will protect her after which Gungun asks him to go to the hospital first taking Kadambari and Mohan is about to leave just then Gungun stops him.

She asks him when their new house will be registered, after which Mohan says tomorrow which makes Gungun tense while Yug asks Radha why she needs an address and Radha says she wants to thank the neighbors.

After that, Yug appreciates her move and sends her from the house giving her the address, and thinks today Radha's departure is important while Poonam questions him about it.

There, Gungun cries thinking how Radha moved on in life leaving them, and tags her as selfish and says she can't let Radha and Mohan meet.

On the other hand, Radha and Mohan's hit-and-miss happens and Radha reaches Gungun's house making her shocked and asks for Mohan which makes Gungun wonder if Radha recognizes her and thus wants to meet Mohan.

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