Radha Mohan 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd July 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 2nd July 2023 episode starts with Mohan looking at the picture of Radha's mother which resembles Mandira and starts recalling all the similarities between his wife and Mandira.

Rameshwar covers the photo frame and tells the priest that the Maha Shrap must have ended.

He goes and gives Radha her mother's memoirs telling her to sacrifice them in the holy fire while telling Mohan to go and send off the priest.

Later, Radha is sitting holding her mother's items while Mohan comes there telling her that it is more important for him to be with her.

Wiping away Radha's tears, he tells her that her mother would not have liked to see her cry.

As Radha is about to throw everything in the holy fire, Mohan stops her noticing the official document of her mother in it.

He suggests she throw the memoirs one by one.

While Radha throws away other items, Mohan checks the official card and sees that the photo is of Mandira only but the name is Gargi.

He wonders if it is just a coincidence and tells Radha to go and get Sandalwood as it would be good and she agrees.

Once she leaves, Mohan checks the photo frame and also calls Mandira on a video call to confirm his doubts.

Mohan confirms that Mandira is Radha's mother and decides to ask Rameshwar but stops thinking that there must be a reason to hide the truth.

Further, Mohan goes home and packs his bags deciding to go to Banaras and confront Mandira face to face.

Radha comes there and requests him to take her along so that she go visit the temple there.

Gungun asks to come also but Radha refuses reminding her that she has an exam.

At the same time, Damini gets happy as she and Kaveri overhear their conversation thinking that Gungun will be alone on the 3rd of July.

However, Kaveri reminds her that Radha will not go anywhere until Tulsi gives her permission to leave Gungun alone.

Damini tells her to not worry as Tulsi herself is going to give Radha permission.

Later, before Radha comes to the kitchen, Damini makes Kaveri hide in the metal drum and closes it while hiding in the cupboard herself.

Radha comes there and tells Tulsi to give her a sign that she is there and Kaveri shakes the drum as an indication.

Further, Radha asks Tulsi if she can go to Banaras with Mohan and if she will take care of Gungun.

Kaveri again shakes the drum and Radha leaves happily thinking that Tulsi will take care of Gungun.

Tulsi is watching and cries to herself begging Radha to not leave as she cannot protect Gungun in this state.

Damini helps Kaveri out of the drum while telling her that Tulsi will leave the human world once Gungun dies as Tulsi's connection to earth is Gungun only.

Meanwhile, in Banaras, Mandira is again in front of the priest mocking him saying that she has challenged his future predictions as she has gotten rid of her past.

Just then, she gets a call from Mohan who tells her that he is in Banaras and needs some answers to his questions.

Mandira says that she does not want to meet him while Mohan tells her that he will go to her house then while revealing to her that he has brought Radha there also.

While being filled with rage, Mandira tells Mohan that she will meet him and disconnects the call while Mohan bumps into Radha again.

She tells him that she feels like lord Shiv has brought her here for a reason and tells him to come and do the Pooja with her.

However, Mohan tells her that he will join her later since he has some work and leaves while Radha gets worried about him.

Mandira meets Mohan and asks him what he wants to ask her while he asks her what her connection is to Vrindavan.

She lies that she goes there to pray to Banke Bihariji while Mohan shows her Gargi's identity card and her picture.

Mandira again lies that they just have a similar faces while Mohan starts taking the names of Rameshwar and Sundari.

She slips and says that she knows neither Rameshwar nor his daughter Radha.

Mohan catches her and tells her that he didn't take Radha's name and calls her Gargi Sharma.

Mandira leaves from there while Mohan follows after her onto a ferry.

She asks him why he is bothering her and offers him money thinking that he is trying to bribe her.

He reminds her that he is the biggest publisher and gives her 1 rupee stating that her lies only have that much value.

Mohan tells her that he is going to question her family while Mandira tries to threaten him.

Mandira finally accepts that she gave birth to Radha but has no relation to Rameshwar or Radha.

She reveals to him how her uncle-aunt got her married to Rameshwar at a young age after her parents died.

Mandira complains about how she had to live in poverty and take care of everything while revealing that she escaped at the first chance she could get to live the life of luxury that she deserves.

She tells him how she met Kamalnath and lied to him that she has no one and lives alone.

Mohan is shocked at her for abandoning her family for a life of luxury and starts talking about how good Radha is.

He tells her that she has lost in life and became the poorest by losing Radha.

He talks about how Radha has given her all to Mohan and Gungun making them whole again.

Mohan tells her that he will not tell Radha the truth since Mandira does not deserve to know her and turns away.

However, both Mohan and Mandira stand shocked as they see Radha looking at Mandira with unshed tears in her eyes.

Flashback shows, Radha hearing Mohan when he called out to Mandira as Gargi and following after her.

Back in the present, Radha comes in front of Mandira and tells Mohan that this lady cannot be her mother.

Radha talks about how a mother sacrifices everything for their child while this lady sacrificed her own child for a life of luxury.

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