Radha Mohan 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug saying bye to Mohan and Shalgam when Mohan sees no one in the car and asks Yug if he had said Manan is in the car but there is no one.

Yug gets frustrated with Mohan for questioning a lot.

He says that he was in the car and they start searching for Manan while Yug gets Radhika’s call but he doesn’t receive it.

He says to himself that he cannot receive Radhika’s call since if he does, he will have to tell her about Manan.

Radhika keeps calling Yug when Mohan sees her call on Yug’s phone and asks her to receive it but Yug says that he cannot because Radha is very protective about him and if she comes to know, she will worry.

Meanwhile, Radhika is getting restless at home when she says that she should go to the school herself and check while Poonam says that she should not worry this much and Manan should be fine.

Then too, Radha insists on going and she leaves while Yug says that there is no point checking here and they should go right away to the police but Mohan says that they should check inside the school once.

He and Shalgam go inside the school when Yug thinks that if he finds Manan inside then his plan will get spoiled and says to himself that he should have done something about Mohan before shutting Manan in.

Just then, Yug sees a van going and he shouts at it, asking it to stop and saying that Manana is inside the van while Mohan and Shalgam follow him.

The van leaves and Yug says that the van has kidnapped Manan and they head to the police station right away.

Just then, Radhika comes there and finds Yug’s car parked there as she goes inside searching for them.

In the meantime, Manan keeps beating at the door, shouting for help while his hands bleed badly but no one is inside since the vacation has started.

Radhika sees that the entire school building is empty and wonders what Yug and Manan are doing inside.

On the other hand, Manan gets exhausted from shouting and calling for help and goes to have a seat.

He is out of energy and thus he lies there on the floor with his hands bleeding and wonders why can’t he speak anymore.

Just then, Radhika reaches the door of the class where Manan is and right when she is bout to open it, a guard comes, asking her to go out since the school is closed but Radhika tells him that she is searching for Yug and Manan.

Manan sees Radhika from inside and tries to call her but fails.

Then, she gets Yug’s call who tells her everything and she leaves for the police station.

At the police station, Yug asks the police to find Manan anyhow when the inspector says that it’s very hard to find Manan if he doesn’t know the number of the van.

Yug thinks that this is what he wants when Mhan says that he has the picture of the van in which the number is also showing.

The police ask the constable to get information about this number when Yug feels angry and thinks that he will have to do something about Mohan. 

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