Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Rahul waiting outside for Gungun to come in when Damini drives in and comes out of her car.

Damini taunts Rahul stating that he must have had to save petrol after which she looks at his weight loss and adds that maybe he is not having shakes.

She further taunts him stating that Mohan is somewhere having fun but Rahul states that he is working leading Damini to ask Rahul to come to her house at four.

On the other hand, Kaveri comes out stealthily when she's approached by Mohan.

She tells Mohan to stay away from her since she doesn't have anything on her clothes while Mohan enquires if there's any work to do.

Damini enters and tells Mohan that he has work to do and instantly, Mohan, Damini and Kaveri see the employees of the office.

She warmly welcomes the employees and attempts to walk away but on her way tells Mohan to take care of the party she has organized for the employees. 

Mohan agrees while Damini walks away leading the employees to treat Mohan with respect which triggers Kaveri and Bhushan.

Kaveri then orders Mohan to give water to the employees which shocks the employees. 

One of the employees enquires as to why would Mohan attend to them making Kaveri add that he is poor and not the owner of Trivedi Publications.

Mohan turns back and suggests Kaveri get a gold tooth thus suggesting that he should break a tooth or two.

Kaveri and Bhushan come and tell the employees that they are joking when Mohan walks away.

From upstairs, Damini watches all of this and eagerly waits for Rahul to come up soon.

On the other hand, Radha deep in thought about Mohan asks God to keep Mohan safe from Damini. 

At Trivedi Bhavan, Mohan serves juice to his employees but Gayatri stands up and asks Mohan to sit down.

Gayatri tells Mohan that once he had accompanied her while her husband was in the hospital adding that he shouldn't serve them food. 

This leads all the employees to extend their gratitude towards Mohan stating that more than being their sir, he treated them like family. 

After a while, all of them serve Mohan food when Kaveri asks if they're insane to support a poverty-stricken Mohan.

However, Gayatri adds that she as well as everyone supports Mohan in his time of distress thus shaming Kaveri.

Amidst all this, Damini smiles when Kaveri scolds her for doing so but, Damini asks her to wait till four.

The clock strikes four and from outside, Rahul peeks in which is noticed by Damini, who then comes forward and tries to feed Mohan.

Mohan declines Damini but Damini reminds Mohan that he is to obey her every order thus leading Mohan to reluctantly have food from her hands.

From outside, Rahul misunderstands Mohan to be a selfish brat records all of this and after a while, shows the video to the Trivedi's. 

The family is shocked during which Rahul tells everyone that Mohan is having fun when Radha tries to gain Rahul's attention.

However, Rahul brushes her off and states that Mohan is a selfish brat, leading Radha to aggressively shout at him.

Rahul gets silent after which Radha asks Rahul about Gungun and hearing this, Rahul's face turns pale along with everyone.

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