Radha Mohan 30th August 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th August 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th August 2022 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 30th August 2022 episode starts with Radha telling Gungun to tell everything to Mohan and he will take care of the rest. She also tells her that she will always be with her. 

Radha instructs Gungun to ask Mohan to see her carefully as Hriday sends Gungun away. 

On the other hand, Mohan tells Radha's Dadi that Hriday is a human traficker and interrogates her about Hriday's first meeting. 

Just then Gungun arrives at the house.

Mohan is relieved to see Gungun and asks about Radha while Kaveri and Damini are amazed to see Gungun back. 

Gungun asks Mohan to save Radha as she is trapped there because of her.

Meanwhile, Radha prays for Mohan to understand her clues and find her in time.

Later, Mohan calls Hriday and asks Radha if she is alright. 

Radha assures Mohan that as long as he and his Bhagwad Gita is with her nothing can happen to her.

She also gives clues to Mohan about her location while Hriday remains clueless about her smart approach.

Hriday tells Mohan to keep Gungun and leave Radha to him. He also challenges Mohan to find him before giving threats. 

Gungun explains to Mohan that Radha has asked her to make Mohan look at her carefully. 

Mohan inspects Gungun to find clues to reach Radha and sees Press written on Gungun’s neck. 

After trying to understand Radha’s clue about ink, Bhagwad Gita and Press, Mohan concludes that Radha is at his old Printing press. 

Mohan praises Radha’s quick wit and goes to save Radha. 

Hearing that, Damini gets worried while Kaveri tells her to call Hriday and inform him about Mohan coming to him. 

On the other hand, Hriday sees Damini’s phone and ignores it telling Radha that Mohan should be cautious of the people inside his house. 

Hriday also tells Radha that she is in love with Mohan. 

On the other hand, Damini takes out her gun and tells Kaveri that Radha has left her no choice but to kill her. 

Meanwhile, Tulsi is praying for Radha and asks God to save Radha. 

In the meantime, Radha’s buyer tries to take Radha away looking at her with lust. 

Radha requests Hriday to not send her with these people. 

On holding Radha’s hand, Hriday looks at Radha with lust-filled eyes and asks the buyers to take back half of the money and let him have Radha for a while. 

As Hriday puts his dirty hands on Radha, Mohan arrives and kicks Hriday away with a threat of not leaving the place alive. 

Radha is pleased and grateful to see Mohan. 

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