Radha Mohan 30th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th June 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th June 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 30th June 2023 episode starts with Sundari consoling Radha while Mohan arrives there and hugs her/

He asks her about Rameshwar while she tells him that he is in the ICU and blames herself for his condition.

Mohan calms her while Radha says that she will never be able to forgive herself if something happens to Rameshwar.

The doctor comes there and informs them that Rameshwar is out of danger but it is unusual to get a heart attack so suddenly.

He asks them if Rameshwar has gotten any stress while Radha talks about him getting a call.

The doctor leaves while the ward boy comes there telling them to pay the bill.

Mohan goes to pay the bill while Radha and her father-in-law go to the temple to pray.

Just then, Mandira puts her hand on Sundari's shoulder who goes pale seeing her.

On the other hand, Padma scares Ajeet using his childhood scary doll named Monjulika and tries to convince him to come to Banaras with her.

She addresses him as her Potlu while Ajeet continues shouting no.

Ketki gets startled

Just then, Ketki comes there and shouts for them to leave her husband but stops seeing that it is none other than Padma, her mother-in-law.

She puts pallu on her head and greets Ketki.

Back at the temple, Radha talks about Rameshwar to Lord Krishna and begs him to make Ramehwar fine again.

She says that if this has happened to her father because of her meeting him, she will not show her face to him anymore.

On the other hand, Ketki tries to get Padma's blessing but Padma calls her a Chudail (witch) for taking away her son and tells Ajeet to come back to Banaras.

Ajeet calls Ketki his super heroine

Ajeet argues that Ketki and her family love her while Padma tells him that it does not look good to be a husband who stays with his in-laws.

Padma scares Ajeet by using the doll again while Ketki realizes that it is the same doll that Ajeet is scared of since his childhood.

She grabs a lighter and lights the doll on fire while Ajeet hugs her happily calling her his superheroine.

Padma tells Ajeet to come with her and tries to drag him away while Ketki holds onto his other hand saying that he cannot leave her.

Ajeet shakes both of their hand off as he tells them that he should make the decision since it is his life.

He turns to Padma and she smirks telling Ketki that her motherhood has won.

Back at the hospital, Radha refuses to meet Rameshwar while Sundari tries to convince her telling her that Rameshwar himself wants to see her.

On the other hand, Ajeet tells Padma that he cannot leave Ketki as his soul is in Ketki.

He suggests that she also come to Vrindavan where they can get a home and live separately but Padma refuses.

Ajeet tells her that he cannot leave Ketki while Padma continues scolding Ketki as they leave.

At the hospital, Radha comes and sits beside Rameshwar apologizing to him while her whole boy shakes with sobs.

He tells her to not cry while she says that she could not be a good daughter but he tells her that he is the one at fault since he let his anger overtake his love for her.

Rameshwar tells her that he has a burden but not because of her which makes Radha curious.

He tells Radha the memories of her mother's past and tells her that she is alive.

Radha gets curious when Rameshwar tells her that he is going to do her mother's Maha Shrad where they will burn all of the things belonging to her and will not even remember her afterward.

Sundari sees someone behind the curtains and takes Radha out of the room after Radha agrees to the Maha Shrad.

Once everyone leaves, Mandira comes out from behind the curtain and tells Rameshwar that he did well by following her orders.

She tells him to make sure that her past does not come back to her and threatens to kill Radha just as she killed Radha's mother and his wife.

Outside of the hospital room, Radha and Mohan and bantering while they hear a call ringing from inside the room.

Mohan has to go

Sundari tries to convince them that it is nothing while Mohan and Radha get curious and decide to enter the hospital room.

Inside the room, Mandira talks to Padma who tells her that she thinks her work will get done on the 3rd of July only.

As she disconnects the call, she sees the doorknob moving and rushes to hide behind the curtains again while Radha and Mohan enter the room and leave after finding nothing.

Mandira is about to silence her phone when it drops into the water jug.

She smirks to herself thinking that a phone's sacrifice is needed after such a good deed is done and leaves the room.

At the same time, Damini calls Mohan and tells him to contact Mandira since her phone is switched off and they need to get the cover designs approved.

Radha asks him if he will be able to return for the Maha Shrad on time and he tells her that he has to go to meet Mandira since it's for a good cause.

He calls Damini and tells her to send him the designs as he will meet Mandira in person and get the designs approved.

Damini argues saying that it will be an overnight drive but tells him to drive safely when failing to convince him.

Radha gets emotional along with Gungun

At night, Gungun is reading a story where the mother of the princess is the villain which irks Radha.

She tells Gungun to not read such things as mothers are always good to their children.

Radha talks about how a mother can stay hungry but feed their children and tells her that a mother can do anything for her children.

Hearing this, Gungun asks her why she loves her so much while Radha tells her that it could be because she got so much love from her mother.

Gungun tells her that her mother must have loved her a lot while Radha gets emotional and says that her mother went to Bandke Bihariji when she was a child but Rameshwar always told her that her mother loved her a lot.

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