Radha Mohan 30th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan and others going to the hospital while Gungun wishes that Mohan doesn't see Radha.

Yug is panicking talking to Radhika, assuring that nothing will happen to her.

Mohan looks at Radha recalling his past with Radha while Gungun thinks that Radha is now Radhika and has moved on in life as she has a husband and a kid now.

She wonders if it was this easy to forget everything and decides that she has no place for Radhika in her life.

Mohan sees gungun worries and consoles her saying that Radhika will get well soon and thinks about how Mohan will shatter when he will get to know that Radhika has a whole new family now.

Just then, Mohan turns the car and Radha's hand touches his shoulder which brings back a lot of past memories in his mind.

He stops the car wondering why is he feeling her presence a lot remembering the times when he was very close to meet her.

Yug asks him why he stopped the car and tells him to hurry up as they reach the hospital.

Concurrently, Gungun thinks of a way she can stop Mohan from seeing Radha.

She pretends to have slipped when Mohan comes running to her while Yug takes Radhika to the hospital.

On the other hand, Manan gets sad knowing that Radhika and Yug didn't take him along as ketki tries to console him saying that he doesn't need to get sad when he has a friend, Sargam, to play with.

It cheers him up and he goes to play.

Back at the hospital, yug calls the doctor to treat Radhika and Mohan follows them as Radha's face is about to get uncovered when Gungun suddenly asks Mohan to go home as they do not need to be there and rest yug will take care.

Mohan takes offense and asks her if he has taught this to her, adding that Yug and Radika are their neighbors and are also in trouble.

It's their duty to help them and says that they will stay there till Radika gets well.

Gungun feels bad for saying this and says that she can't let him meet Radha as she can help anyone but Radha because she had left them without thinking once about them.

They had to manage everything and if she returns today then they will have to start from scratch.

Subsequently, Poonam asks the watchman for the CCTV footage as Meera supports her decision.

Poonam thinks that Yug shouldn't get to know who hit Radhika then he will kill him for sure. At the same time, Yug waits for the doctor to come out and tells him something and gets frustrated saying that he is wasting his time and he should take Radhika to another hospital.

Mohan calms him down when the doctor comes out and tells him that she is just unconscious and will get well soon.

Just then, Gungun again asks him to go back to home but Mohan finds it suspicious as she tells him that she is just a little tired.

Mohan tells him that they will have to leave and says that if he needs anything, he is just a call away.

Mohan assures him saying that CCTV must have captured everything and they will find the culprit.

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