Radha Mohan 30th May 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug asking Radha that what she was doing outside at the night while Radha lies that she went to close the door only after which Yug thinks Radha is lying but why when she went to Mohan's house.

After that, Radha asks that what's Yug doing when he was sleeping while Yug throws his bag on the side which makes his mask fell under the table unknowingly.

Meanwhile, Yug says he just came to take water and thinks Radha is lying despite knowing the fact he hates lie and he has to find out what's cooking between Radha and Mohan.

On the other hand, Gungun tells Mohan that she didn't go to meet Manan but she has doubt that Yug is behind Manan's kidnapping while Mohan refuses to believe it saying Yug is just short tempered but overall he is a good person as he has taken care of Radha and Manan in his absence.

He adds, that they can't demolish Yug's image to get Radha back in their lives while Gungun tries to convince him but Mohan says that Gungun has told many lies in past too to fulfill her wishes thus he won't believe her this time.

As Mohan leaves Gungun thinks the lion's story became true with her as Mohan isn't even believing in her truth after her lies after which she decides to find the proof against Yug before talking to Mohan again.

She states that if Yug gets exposed then Radha will come back to them while Yug wonders why Radha lied to him and suspects there is something between Radha and Mohan maybe related to their past.

He says that he has to uncover Radha and Mohan's past before Gungun figures out his past or if she tries to reach his past he'll kill her.

There, Gungun gets determined to find out Yug's past after which Radha and the family members wish Manan happy birthday in the morning just then he gets scared from the party popper.

Meanwhile, Radha calms him and says that Manan shouldn't be scared as today is his birthday after which Manan refuses to celebrate out of the fear but Radha convinces him.

After that, Manan wishes to invite Mohan, Gungun, and Sargam to the party but Radha denies saying they don't know about Trivedi's family well so they shouldn't invite them.

Further, Yug gets surprised by Radha's decision while Mohan spies on Radha's house through binoculars and wonders what's happening seeing the arrangements.

At the same time, Kadambari secretly eats biscuits from the plate and Gungun suspects her but soon diverts her thinking Sargam would have eaten them.

Later, Mohan and Gungun talk about the arrangements at Radha's house and Mohan says he'll find out about it while Yug asks Radha why she didn't invite Mohan and his family after which Radha says she doesn't like them also they are going to sell their house soon.

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