Radha Mohan 30th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th October 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 30th October 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 30th October 2023 episode starts with Kunal announcing that the winner of the Mega Publisher contest is either Damini or Radha-Mohan.

After teasing the audience a little, KK finally reveals that Radha and Mohan are the winners which infuriates Damini while Mohan gives a sigh of relief and hugs Radha happily.

Everyone cheers for them while they get very emotional that finally, all their hard work has paid off.

Damini is in denial while Kunal tells the audience that the reason for their victory is their unique idea of converting their book into an audiobook which increased the company’s profitability and also appreciated their eco-friendly approach of not using paper.

Kunal then hands over the check of 20 crores to Radha and Mohan and tells them that they deserve it.

Radha & Mohan shows their gratitude to everyone who congratulates them while Damini calls KK in frustration.

Back at the hospital, Gungun’s situation is deteriorating which makes her family very nervous.

Kaveri along with Mohit and Bhushan who are dressed up like male nurses find an opportunity to sneak into Gungun’s room but are shocked to find Ajeet lying on the bed in place of her.

He sarcastically greets her which makes her run in the direction of the door but as soon as she reaches for the door, Kadambari walks in and slaps Kaveri.

She then asks Rahul and the others to beat up Mohit and Bhushan.

Kadambari and Ketki slap Kaveri again and again and throw her on the bed as Kadambari asks Rahul to stop as she has already called the police.

Meanwhile, Damini confronts KK and says that he was biased in his decision to choose Radha over her because he is attracted to her and that’s why he let her win.

Damini then says that no matter what he does Radha will never leave Mohan for his sake.

KK shuts Damini up by saying that he knows she was the one after Radha’s attack.

Back at the hospital, Kadambari is still stressed because she has an intuition that Damini might be the one after Gungun’s attack to which Ketki replies that she is sure that Damini is the one after the attack.

The doctor comes and tells them that while trying to kidnap Gungun, the goons removed her oxygen pipe and blood bag which led her condition to worsen and now she needs her 3rd operation to be done as soon as possible or her survival will be almost impossible.

He then asks them to call Gungun’s parents as the operation will be very critical as Tulsi breaks into tears.

Meanwhile, Radha and Mohan are on the beach when KK comes and asks them to stay for a week and try out all the water sports.

Radha tells him that she has to go back because of her daughter to which KK says that he will not stop her but there is a condition to the deal they had.

He says that he wants Radha which shocks Mohan as he holds KK by his collar and says that he will cut off his tongue to which KK gives a laugh and says that he wants Radha’s voice for the audiobook and the podcast.

He says that he loves her voice and he really wants her to do the project in her own voice to which Mohan agrees which finally leads Radha to agree as well.

KK shakes Radha’s hand and takes her wedding ring skillfully without making her aware.

Radha and Mohan enjoy a few moments of the ocean together and promise to come back there and visit the Sunset dolphin cruise along with their family.

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