Radha Mohan 31st July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 31st July 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 31st July 2023 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 31st July 2023 episode starts with Kadambari telling Sundari Dadi that she and Radha’s game is finished now.

Kadambari announces shakily that Radha has destroyed everything as Radha has snatched her daughter-in-law, and was about to send Damini out of the house but thanks to Tulsi’s letters, everyone knows the truth.

Damini and Kaveri look pleased to hear this while Sundari states that Kadambari is delusional to believe this.

Even Tulsi also pleads with Kadambari to believe Sundari’s words but since Kadambari cannot hear Tulsi, the spirit’s words, she keeps insulting Sundari.

Meanwhile, Damini watches the drama with a devilish grin, whispering that Kaddu has done a great job.

At the same time, Kadambari throws Sundari out of the Trivedi house by grabbing her hands, yelling that now the police will decide what is true and what is wrong.

Kadambari furiously claims that it is her promise that Radha will pay for her sins so now they will meet Radha and her family in the court.

Rocky also throws Rameshwar out of the house while Rameshwar looks at Vishwanath defeated who just turns away from him.

Watching Sundari and Rameshwar’s hopeless faces, Damini tells Kaveri grinningly that she promised Radha that Radha would wear a white saree in Tijj and hence she has fulfilled her promise.

On the other hand, when Radha gets thrown into the cell, Mohan holds her and informs Radha that he knows Radha has not done anything.

He firmly announces that even if lord Krishna or Tulsi tells him that Radha has killed Tulsi, he will never believe it while paranoid Radha keeps blabbering that she has not done anything.

Holding Radha’s hands, Mohan sincerely tells Radha that he knows Damini is behind it because she knew he is going to come close to Radha today.

He puts his hand over Radha’s head, promising her that he will bring Radha out of jail and prove her innocence in ten days.

Radha softly replies that she has already won the battle because Mohan trusts her when Mohan says that trust is very important in love.

Hearing this, Radha urges him to repeat what he said but Mohan starts acting as if he has not said anything so Radha turns away, looking pissed.

She grumbles that Mohan remembers everything except the important stuff and Mohan questions her if he should reveal his feelings now.

He smilingly tells Radha that he has prepared his whole confession when Radha puts her hand over Mohan’s mouth, saying she is waiting for this for so long.

She complains that she does not want to remember jail with their beautiful moment yet Mohan argues that they are different from normal people.

He even reminds Radha that lord Krishna was also born in the cell which makes Radha feel better and finally, after a lot of stuttering, Mohan tells Radha that he loves her.

Radha goes numb in happiness for a moment while Mohan confesses that Radha has reunited him with Gungun and has given him so much love that he does not know how to deal with it.

Mohan then kneels in front of Radha and gifts her a rose which makes Radha blush.

Radha happily tells Mohan that this rose is a precious gift for her and afterward, Mohan romantically breaks Radha's fast.

He has brought Radha's favourite food and Radha also makes Mohan drink water with her hand to break his fast.

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