Radha Mohan 31st March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug telling Mohan that whoever is responsible for Radha's condition will not be spared as Mohan says that they will find the culprit together.

Gungun gets worried while the nurse tells them that Radha is conscious now and Yug and Mohan go to meet Radha.

Yig kisses her forehead and she opens her eyes and Mohan sees them from outside the ward and Gungun asks him not to invade their privacy.

She asks him to go back home as she is not well.

Meanwhile, Yug is thankful to see her fine and says that he was almost dead to see her injured.

He tells her that whoever is responsible for this will not be spared by him and asks her if she remembers anything.

Radha asks him to leave it but he insists on her to tell him. Ge tries to remember and utters something related to Gungun.

He asks her if she is talking about Gungun but before she says something, he gets furious and leaves.

In the meantime, Mohan and Gungun get into their car and as soon as Yug reaches outside, they leave.

He says to himself that he will not leave her and go back to Radha.

She tries to cover for Gungun and tells him that Gungun did nothing but she was the one helping her.

He assures her that he will get the culprit when Radha asks her to leave it and asks him who that girl was.

He tells her that she was their new neighbor and is extremely helpful.

He further adds that they even wanted to meet her but they left because Gungun was not well.

Concurrently, the nurse tells them that they can discharge Radha.

On the other hand, Sargam sees Manan sad and accidentally tells him not to worry and Radha will be fine.

This worries him and Ketki talks to him and tries to cheer him up when he starts to cry.

Just then, Dadi comes and scolds her for telling Manan the truth and she replies that Sargam accidentally told him the truth, and Meera and others leave.

Right then, Radha comes and Manan is happy to see her as she adores him.

Elsewhere, Yug checks the CCTV footage to find the culprit but a certain part of it is missing.

It scares the police officers and he keeps repeating the question.

When he doesn't get an answer, he beats the officer and gives him death threats.

He says that he needs to punish the culprit but he can't because he doesn't have his image and footage.

He further says that he will find another way to find out the culprit but when he finds out, he is going to beat him badly.

Back at home, Mohan recalls Yug taking Radha to the hospital and concludes that Yug must love his wife a lot as he was very much in tension and decides to check on him and Radha.

On the flip side, Radha calls Yug seeing his phone rings, and decides to receive it when she sees Mohan's contact saved as Mr.Trivedi which worries her.

The end. Thanks for reading.

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