Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan written update

Today's Radha Mohan 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Radha looking shocked to see Mohan packing her things and asking him if he is throwing her out of his room. 

Meanwhile, Mohan looks embarrassed and tells her that Tulsi will be living in this room from today. 

At the same time, Kadambari appears at the window and mocks Radha. 

Just then, Tulsi comes there asking him if he is going anywhere while Mohan tells her that he clearing his old clothes to make room for her things. 

Tulsi looks convinced and goes to explore the room while Mohan tells Radha that he will talk to Tulsi as soon as she is better but for now, she will have to cooperate and think about Tulsi’s health.  

Mohan hands over Radha’s bag to her signalling her to go while Radha’s heart shatters recalling the moment when Mohan welcomed her back in his life. 

She is about to leave the room when Mohan stops her giving false hope to Radha that he might be stopping her from leaving but feels disappointed to see him holding her Banke Bihari Ji. 

Later, Kaveri slowly claps for Radha telling her that she is paying for what she has done to Damini and now she is at Damini’s place. 

However, Kaveri becomes flustered to see Kadambari and then both sisters laugh together.

Kadambari tells Kaveri that it is time for her to be happy as it is time for Radha to suffer. 

Kadambari asks Radha how will she stop Tulsi from staying with Mohan and celebrating her wedding night with her.

Kaveri asks her how will she stop him now but they both become shocked when Radha hugs her and tells her thank you for giving her clarity. 

She tells Kaveri that if that woman had been a real Tulsi then also she would have fought for her love but if she is a fake Tulsi then she will make sure that Mohan comes out of the room. 

Kaveri tells her that Tulsi is not fake but two hundred percent real while Kadambari tells her to leave her be. 

Later, Radha comes to Mohan’s room and tells him to come out with her or else he will have to send Tulsi out of the room.

In the meantime, Tulsi comes behind Mohan asking her what is the problem while Mohan takes Gungun’s name asking Radha what has happened to Gungun.

Tulsi rushes out of the room to Gungun while Mohan brings Radha out to the garden trying to explain to Radha the situation. 

However, Radha tells him that Tulsi is not a real Tulsi and even if she had been a real Tulsi then also he is her husband and she cannot see him celebrating wedding night with her. 

Mohan looks shocked at the implication and asks her what is she talking about and who told her about this wedding night. 

Radha looks angry and tells her that Kadambari has told her and has also bought flowers for it. 

Before Mohan can say anything else, Tulsi comes there telling Mohan that Gungun is fine. 

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